This year, we’ve worked with a number of publishing partners to bring over 100 licensed releases to the Roll20 Marketplace, across 25 different TTRPG systems. It’s been our pleasure to help bring you this plethora of playtime goodies in 2021! We at Roll20 are proud to announce our final official licensed release to the Roll20 Marketplace this year. We’ve partnered with our friends at Renegade Game Studios to bring you Auld Sanguine, a free adventure for Vampire: the Masquerade !  This is a short holiday adventure for 4-6 low level vampires - perfect for ringing in the new year with a fang! What’s more - Renegade is currently running a special promotion for folks who play this during the holidays, and a massive prize package is up for grabs ( Vampire: The Masquerade Prize pack including the Deluxe Artifact Edition Book of Nod, Sabbat: The Black Hand Sourcebook, Second Inquisition Sourcebook, Storyteller's Screen and Toolkit, 5 sets of Vampire: The Masquerade Dice, and 5 Discipline Decks ). You can enter to win by submitting photos of your coterie playing Auld Sanguine on Roll20. Get a bloody move on - you’ve only got 17 days left to submit! Click here to learn more  - if your coterie is thirsty for prizes, by all means step up to bat! Happy holidays all, and we look forward to bringing you more TTRPG goodness in 2022!