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Are there minimal requirements to run/play D&D on VTT?

As someone who has been on Roll20 for 5+ years, I've noticed a wide array of game styles when looking/recruiting for new games.  I have to wonder which games are "successful" and which ones don't work?  I love to hear from others regarding their experiences in playing on Roll20.   As a DM, are there certain minimal standards that a player should expect for the game or is it simply all-hands on deck and let the chips fall where they may?  I've noticed an increasing number of games that, for me as a player, are immediate red-flags.  I won't even bother with an application because I anticipate the game won't be what I am looking for.  Particularly when DMs place so many restrictions up front what it is not even worth the effort to play.  If WotC has an "official" list of accepted character options, should this be the standard?  I know DMs are within their right to place limits but when does it become too restrictive?  
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Hi there, While I appreciate the intent with a post such as this, it falls outside the bounds of intended use for our forums. As such I will need to close this thread. Intended Use The Roll20 Forums exist to discuss topics directly relating to the Roll20 program and systems. Anything that could more fittingly be discussed on another site should be discussed there.