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Mighty Fortress Map

Hello all,  Our campaign is nearing an end, and I have been hanging onto a wish in our 5e adventure from the deck of many things. I spoke with my DM who is in favour of me using the spell to cast the 8th level spell Mighty Fortress and to allow it to be permanent since its being used via wish. I would do this to give our party a keep to retire to.  I was wanting to find a suitable map template for this, but I am having trouble finding said map or someone who could possibly make it. Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you.

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Check out  Milby's Maps .   They have a few maps based on actual real world castles. There's probably not one that exactly matches the spell description, but since it's to be an end of game retirement home, your DM might go for it.
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I used an Empty Keep map from the Roll20 Marketplace for this.... in my past campaign of AD&D 2E... It's a map that just has the Walls and Gates of the Keep, with just blank grass on the inside. Then my DM let each of the Players type or draw (Roll20 drawing tools) onto the grassy area, saying what their PC would build within the Keep. For example the cleric built a temple and a brewery, and a horse barn. The druid made a wooded copse. The fighters made tall guard towers, and training grounds.  This was a long time ago 2017 on Roll20 and I just thought of it to share the idea.