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Determine what token(s) vision covers "here", what lights "here"

A number of times as a GM I have been creeping monsters around a wall to find that "someone" has vision on it and I want to pass a note to that player, but can't figure out which token has vision here (if I start juggling tokens out of the room the players will get suspicious). This suggestion has two distinct implementations: Select a token and then click a button to show a list  or highlight which tokens can see it (indicate regular, darkvision, magic vision, etc) Click a button and then click the map, and it will calculate the above for that pixel. ( Another similar feature might be this but for determining light sources.) - Thanks!
I believe Control+L on a selected token will show their sight, no token highlights though.
CTRL+L is what I use for checking line of sight. If a player is moving their PC's token to a spot from which they may see something, I select their token and press CTRL+L to check (You get quicker at this over time 😉) I keep hidden NPCs/ monsters on the GM layer, then move them to the token layer if they're spotted. The problem with automating this would be in determining what a PC's token can see when there are so many variables, like darkvision, light sources, etc. D G. said: I believe Control+L on a selected token will show their sight, no token highlights though.
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