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Syrinscape Integration

It would be cool if you guys get in touch with the Dice Stormers and their app Syrinscape. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If we could use this in our campaigns I think that would be a pretty cool addition the jukebox
Sheet Author
+1 for Syrinscape. A very cool service. You might want to throw your suggestion/vote in on a similar suggestion to get more votes Alternatives to Soundcloud and Additions to the Jukebox
+1 for syrinscape.
+1 for Syrinscape
+1 for Syrinscape. Found it last night and was absolutely amazed!
Definitely would like to support this!
+1 for Syrinscape. I've messaged them twice on Facebook now to reach out to you guys. I think you would work well together.
+1 for Syrinscape
+1 for Syrinscape would very much like this feature added.
Found this today Roll20 and Syrinscape workaround advice And for those lazy not to click "Here's some info you might like if you use Virtual Tabletops! Thanks sooo much user Jim for this info! Using Syrinscape with a Virtual Tabletop such as The easiest way to do this is to use an additional desktop as another "participant" in the game. Whether using or Google Hangout or Skype, if you have another account that can join the group, I'd just use my second laptop and set the Mic/LineIn to "What You Hear" and leave it running so others can hear whatever sound comes from my laptop. Other players can then either choose to listen or mute. You might also try using (or some similar free, amateur internet radio host, like a shoutcast station) and use the highest baud rate for streaming. Most of the audio streaming sites can be configured as private or invite only, and although most don't let you stream for more than a few hours per day, it would be enough for a good online gaming session. Good ideas! Huh! smile emoticon -Ben" Would still like to see some official integration between Roll20 and Syrinscape though regardless of this workaround.
I've also made some posts on the Syrinscape boards about the intergration here Syrinscape Forums And a response from Lord & Master Ben the creator behind Syrinscape had this to say "I couldn't agree more that an integration with Roll20 makes a lot of sense. We've made overtures to the guys over there a number of times, and in fact proposed a couple of solutions to them. The ball is very much in their court atm, so I reckon the best thing to do would be to get a ground swell movement going among the community on Roll20 forums etc. If you want it, MAKE A NOISE! What can I do? Let me know. We've done step one described above. Let's work out something more I can do..." Overtures!
Would totally love to have this! I have fun messing with Syrenscape just on my own. I can do it all night. I try having people over at my house to game but any group that would be interested has someone allergic to my cat. I'm going to look into the 2nd account/computer option though.
Syrinscape integration would SO rock!
Upvoting and posting a reply about this. This app would fit extremely well in Roll20. No brainer to hash out some sort of integration.
+1 in total agreement. We want....nay...NEED this integration in some fashion for our gaming. Please work something out.
+1 Syrinscape would be a welcome addition
I want use Syrinscape with Roll20
+1 for Syrinscape
+1 for Syrinscape
+1 for syrinescape. &nbsp;their recent deal with Paizo has changed syrinscape from "meh" to WOW for us Pathfinder users. &nbsp;Not only do they have rise of the runelords content, they will now be releasing sounds *at the same time as all the new Adventure Paths come out*. &nbsp;this is huge.
+1 for Syrinscape
Subscriber to both Syrinscape and Roll20 ... +1 for Syrinscape integration.
+1 for Syrinscape
Hell yeah! +1 for Syrinscape integration!
Figured out how to do Syrinscape through Skype.... its not quite the same as through Roll20, but it will work for me. &nbsp;Here is the tutorial: &nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Yeah Syrinscape with Roll20 +1.
I would love to have this integrated as well.
All of the yes. +1
Ross R.
KS Backer
definite +1 from me.
+1 for Syrinscape and Roll20 integration! &nbsp;
Really want to see Syrinscape + Roll20 integrated
I've been waiting for this to happen for ages now. I almost switched to another tabletop once I heard they integrated with Syrinscape. I will always upvote this suggestion.&nbsp;
+1 for Syrinscape and Roll20 Integration!
+1 for Syrinscape and Roll20 integration!
+1 for Syrinscape and Roll20 integration!

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+1 for Syrinscape & Roll20 integration. &nbsp;It would save me frustrating HOURS of looking for sound effects to import!
+1 for Syrinscape and Roll20 integration!!!!
+1 for Syrinscape and Roll20 integration!
+1 for Syrinscape !!! saving my time pls :)

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Adding my vote to this PS. I would even consider this a deal breaker in deciding on roll20 membership purchase
+1 syrinscape for all!!!!
+1 for Syrinscape!
Indeed +1

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+1 for integrating Syrinscape. And can a dev or mod post somewhere what Roll20 would need to consider moving forward on the idea - us just voting is great, but I am sure there are things we don't see that would help us to see your side, since you have declined to work with Syrinscape in the past. Just trying to understand, so we don't keep beating a dead horse if there is literally no way to make this happen - though I will also say it would make me go look at other VTT that use it.
+1 for Syrinscape!
+1 for Syrinscape
After meeting the creator of&nbsp;Syrinscape at PaizoCon, man I REALLY want to use&nbsp;Syrinscape for my Roll20 games.&nbsp; +1 Awesome for&nbsp;Syrinscape.&nbsp;
Yes +1 to this all the way. &nbsp;Adding good audio on top of a great VTT is the way to go.
Late to this party, but ME TOO on integrating Syrinscape to Roll20