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Better Support for GURPS

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GURPS needs these things to improve support... Display Both Euclidean Distance for Movement, and Manhattan Distance for Ranged Combat, on Hex Grids, Simultaneously (no having to switch from one to the other mid-session; make them selectable with checkboxes, so that both can appear at once) Allow Crit Ranges to be assigned Per Skill via Macros, even when Crit Fails should be High, and Crit Successes should be Low Being Able to Efficiently Compare the Total of 3d6 to a Target Number with Dice Macros Align to Grid for Hex Maps Two Tokens Occupying the Same Hex, (one half each), With Preservation of Facing; Important for Close Quarters Combat Support for Combat Postures, such as a One Hex Token Changing to Occupy  Two Hexes, for When a Character Goes Prone Tokens Occupying Multiple Consecutive Hexes, Including Consecutive Linear Hexes, and Oval Clusters of Hexes, from 3, 4, 5, and 6 to Larger Multi-Stage Health Bars that Track Negative HP Limits, Positive HP Limits, and Temporary Health Points #1 is easy; allow measurements to be selected via checkboxes, and allow the players to include both distances when measuring with the ruler. Also, hexcrawl travel maps should be exclusively Euclidean. Fix the Euclidean support for Hex maps. #2 is trivial per die, but for the sum, it's more complicated, because the total of 3 and 4 are both critical successes in GURPS, and the total of 17 and 18 are both critical failures. For higher effective skill levels, these numbers change. It sounds like Roll20 should be providing us with a dynamic rollable table for GURPS; GURPS isn't exactly a small system. #3 is simple to say, but trickier to implement. When you type "/roll 3d6 < 12" to roll against a target number of 12, you might expect the dice roller to sum up the 3d6 and compare it; but that's not what it does . Instead, it compares each d6 against 12, and counts 3 successes. Roll20 has very poor support for comparing a sum of dice against a target number; so far, you can only compare TWO OR MORE sums of dice against a target number; for instance, "/roll {3d6, 18} <12" will technically work, but we're throwing in brackets, a comma, and an automatic failure, just  to compensate for a missing dice operation. Maybe "/roll 3D6 < 12", with upper-case instead of lower case, would work? Maybe "/roll 3s6 < 12", with "s" for "sum"? #4 just needs an appropriate interface for hexes; also, rather than defaulting to a small number of grid spaces for distance, use the map's length and width in grid spaces, with an option for custom dimensions, so the furthest edge of the GM's map aligns closely on the first try. #5 needs a hidden way to fall back to a Triangular Grid, so two tokens can take up 3 of the 6 triangles in a Hex. #6 needs a way for tokens to change their shape and dimensions, and assign the center of rotation asymmetrically. Bonus points if more of the portrait can be revealed as the dimensions extend! #7 needs a way to assign what hexes in what shape are part of the token, and which hex is the center of rotation for the token. #8 just needs some additional delimiters to the existing health bar, and appending a separate health bar for the Temporary HP on the same bar line.
All of this^ Much yes. Please do.
I agree!
Definitely. More GURPS support is awesome, and needed.
I would really, really love to see more integrated GURPS features! All excellent ideas; #3 in particular I've been wanting for a long time .
Not actually longer than I've been waiting, but still, too damn long. ;)
Still waiting and will continue to do so.
"One MORE thing!" The 'Align to Grid' Feature is useless for hex maps: that needs to be fixed Big Time.
Updated. Be sure to vote too, Alexei.
Done long since!
do not forget the negative HP Bar in gurps, you're still alive if you got negative HP i also suggested the 2 or more tokens ocuppying the same hex till i found this thread. Should be trick to program this btw
Negative values can be used in the health bar, for tracking purposes, but there's no delineator for what that character's limit is. Being able to use negative values as the bottom of the range would be helpful, but then there's no delineator for when the character goes unconscious. And, of course, Temp HP has its own issues. I had thought we had multi-stage health bars already, but maybe not... I'll include it for the sake of completeness, but it isn't really a GURPS specific issue, I suspect. On that basis, it deserves its own suggestion thread, and may have one...
I believe that rollable tables fit for suggestion #6, since u can upload multiple sides for one character; Create a rollable table and named it your character Upload multiple pictures for each instance (stand, kneeling, lying down, crawling, etc) Click on "Token" on your rollable table list Right click, choose advanced, and click on "is drawing" so you can access hp bar, conditions and so forth During the game, right click on the token, choose multi-sided and select the "instance" that better fits for the scene, if the avatar got 1-hex or 2-hex long, just made some adjusting by draggin its corners Finally, double click and on "represent character" and then choose your character ;)
Alan R., the part that isn't solved by your totally awesome idea is a token taking up two consecutive hex spaces, and snapping to those spaces and rotations accordingly. It's a great solution for the meantime, however, so  you should edit this page with it !
I agree that a 2-hex doenst fit where it should, so I usually do a trick: On the map layer, i place the map, then i download an hex grid transparent on the internet, then i uncheck the "Grid [  ] Enable " from the "Page Settings" so i can move the tokens whetever i wanted, and i got a effect as such and then changing her to 2-hex I home made this avatar using Second Life, photoshop and posing program :D
Well yes, but as I said, unchecking "Grid Enable" means it doesn't snap anymore. A good solution otherwise, though.

Edited 1494717508
Alan R., I just tried your suggestion; had to resort to some pretty crappy art to do it, too, because the token search tool gives out lousy results for the basic postures (and most things in general). What I found was, if you change the dimensions of one piece of token art, it changes the dimensions of all the other pieces of token art . So if your "standing" token image is squareish, and your "prone" token image is rectangularish, your prone token is going to start out squareish too, to fit into the single tile; and when you try and correct it to be rectangularish, the squareish "standing" token image gets made rectangularish to. However disastrous this behavior is for using existing art, for someone like you who makes his own, this can still be exploited ! If you start with images 3x as large as they need to be, then you can have token images that center correctly if you only use the center hex's worth of the image for standing, and you use the center and rearward hex for prone figures . Sure, you're wasting 8/9ths of the image most of the time, and 7/9ths of the image most of the rest of the time, but the visible part of the image will be scaled right, and it will still snap to position and angles and such. And if you use the right image format, the wasted space won't make a difference size-wise. The downside is that the tokens are now 3x3, and the transparent parts of the token are still selectable ... which is crazy stupid just to get basic functionality right.
yeah agreed, and the HP Bar and FP Bar will be 3x scale up as well for all postures in a 9x9 squarish avatar lol, just as happened with Quiet above =] btw I done editing the wiki page. but have no clue in how to post a picture to ilustrate this "meanwhile" feature.

Edited 1447403720
This should help you get it done; the code is the same:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
It seems like nobody play gurps here ...

Edited 1459373598
Well, GURPS has poor support on Roll20, so people play it less often because it’s not as easy to play as other systems. Chicken and the Egg. If more people vote for it as a feature request, we’ll overcome the ease-of-use barrier, and more people will start games.
Care to add a vote, Kerberos?
Tenacious Techhunter said: Care to add a vote, Kerberos? sure just figuring out how to!
Well, I suppose I can hardly blame you for not voting if you didn’t know how... XD
Hey Tenacious, check out using manouver as deck <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Good to see you again, Nazamura. You using this in any of your campaigns?
Tenacious Techhunter said: Well, I suppose I can hardly blame you for not voting if you didn’t know how... XD done!
I might use in the near future :D
All of the GURPS support seems topical but I'll upvote in particular the grid snap for multiple-hex tokens. Good to know about the add-a-transparent-hex-at-the-back-or-sides workaround but creating different snap points seems both not too problematic and very useful. Will keep an eye out for it!
more gurps
Count my vote as a vote for more GURPS support built into Roll20. I'm running GURPS campaigns on Roll20 and have been for a while. Using Style #1 custom sheet and the API script that goes with it, we get most of the dice rolling behavior we want. But that only works for me because of of my level of support. Support for alternative dice mechanics needs to be built into the system. One thing: many GURPS players have already ruled out Roll20. They tried it, didn't like the lack of GURPS support, so aren't likely to come back until there is GURPS support. If the presence of GURPS support is going to be based on the prevalence of GURPS play, then it's likely a futile effort. The most common response I get from GURPS GMs to the question of why they don't already use Roll20 is "it doesn't support GURPS." I suspect that until Roll20 does "support GURPS," the presence of GURPS on Roll20 will remain low. Even just doing hex maps properly would probably attract a a lot of GURPS people, but being confined to d20 roll mechanics is a no-go for GURPS. I'd like to know what level of GURPS game presence on Roll20 would need to be seen by Roll20 management before they will commit to more GURPS support. What number/percentage of GURPS players/games in the Orr Report would inspire Roll20 to begin writing in support for GURPS? I hate saying it, but the excellent Roll20 team proved it already. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME.
Cal, did you remember to contribute an actual vote?
The dice rolling changes to allow multiple dice to be summed up in total and very easily compared to a target number would actually help with quite a few other systems, most notably any and all non-"legend" versions of the D6 system. I don't use that one much, but it's pretty good as far as I'm concerned... I do still use GURPS as much as I can, of course, but the D6 system isn't as much a focus of mine these days. Better support for both GURPS and any dice pool system that doesn't use a per-die target number and success-counting mechanic? Seems like a clear improvement to roll20. My vote has been cast for this.
After finally figuring out how to cast a vote, I did. Anyone else having this problem: the not-clearly-labeled, non-obvious vote button is that arrow at the top left of the thread, the one that looks suspiciously like a thread-collapsing button, which is exactly what I presumed it to be. Is there somewhere to vote for Roll20 to improve its "forums" so they are more readable and usable? /snark
Why don't you make a suggestion for that?
Mike W.
Sheet Author

Edited 1482176117
Make sure to vote, and not just voice your approval, guys.
I'd be thrilled if they only got #3 implemented; It's not the only system that uses a sum of multiple dice to roll under a number. Everything else would be gravy.
oh yes please look into these things i've been jonesing for a good gurps game for a long while :-/... thanks for looking at this ye all gods of roll 20 ;-)

Edited 1500412655
I've been GMing GURPS for a couple decades (or more) but haven't made any forays into online tools because they simply do not seem to exist. I've heard good things about Roll20 but it seems completely geared towards D&D. Not that that's a bad thing, but I much prefer GURPS. The concept really intrigues me as finding local gamers is getting difficult and old friends are willing to use online. TL;DR = how do I vote? (I think I did: I clicked on the blue up arrow by score but want to make sure)
One thing I'd also like to suggest lies within the sheet creation section for GURPS games, that being the potential for more body types when creating characters other than what the code seems hard locked into, which is something along the lines of a humanoid. Playing pretty much anything else requires almost a complete overhaul of the features hard-coded into almost every option box, and God help you if you're playing a quadruped. My group was excited to implement our characters into these sheets after hearing that GURPS worked with Roll20 to build these sheets, but I'm disappointed to see how limited the sheet creation is considering how open-ended the game itself is.

Edited 1533290801
Mike W.
Sheet Author
There are two sheets and both authors have long since stop updating them. I have been working with someone trying to get sheet #2 more usable for anything other than fantasy but his availability is limited. He is open to my suggestions and has made some fixes but this shall be a long process. There is always hope.