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[Player] Looking for WoD/DnD/PF

Looking for games that would be during the week, idealy 12:00-01:00AM British time (GMT/GMT+1 varies) So a starting time around 19:00/20:00EST is perfect as I'm a night owl and have no issues staying up till 6AM my time playing a game. Can't do Fridays or Saturdays, as I have other games to look forward to. Sundays are a push, as I have a club I go to... and I tend to want a night to relax away from all the insanity that can follow prep'ing for games etc :P I use Skype as my primary; I have Vent and Mumble as well as Teamspeak installed - so voice communication is not an issue. If I'm not able to attend and I know about it beforehand (Carcrash or other life stuff naturally not permitting) you'll be told. Doubt it'll come up, but life is life. I'm most experienced in 4th edition DnD; mechanically speaking - I can easily DM if need be. But source materials or w/e will need to be supplied if you want specifics, otherwise I tend to Homebrew. 3.5/PF is new to me. I've enjoyed the tastes I've gotten and sadly have yet to play any larger games. Wod - I love the setting, providing we avoid end of the world stuff or one of the crazier supernaturals I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you can throw at me. Have yet to play a Sabbat Central game. Another note; don't expect me to play the normal characters. That's not me. I find a Niche I can shift into, I'll take it!
- Still looking.