I am putting this under suggestion, because I am not sure where else it may go. When you send messages to others I notice that you can select 2, 3, 4 or more people and create a group discussion. That is a great way to get info to your group all at once to ensure you don´t forget someone. I also noticed that you can add another person (and keep adding if you wish) to said group, but what I can´t seem to find (if it is available) is how to remove a name? In my case I created a discussion group with some folks for a game I am running, of that list I have one (maybe two) individuals who will not be participating in the group anymore and so as not to keep sending messages in the group and those that are no longer in the game from receiving them, is there a way from removing them? I know I could re-create a new discussion, but I do not want to loose the information that was written and shared in the original discussion. Thanks for any insight in to this.