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Move tokens/polygon lines to Dynamic Lighting Layer

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A feature I would like to see added and have seen requested in the bug forums more than once, is the ability to move a token or polygon line from any other layer into the Dynamic Lighting layer. Currently, you are allowed to move an object from the Dynamic Lighting layer to the Token, GM, and Map layers but not in reverse. If an object is incorrectly moved to a layer from the Dynamic Lighting layer, the only option the DM has to undo that action is to delete the object then recreate it again in the Dynamic Lighting layer. This can be a pain if a large section of a map was moved by accident. Another use case for this feature is the moving a light blocking object, like a polygon line, that defines a door/window from the Dynamic Lighting layer to the GM layer and back to simulate opening and closing that door/window. As it stands, you have to delete the light blocking object from the Dynamic Lighting layer and recreate it to gain the same effect.
Nevermind. Seems I missed the feature that was launched to do it using the Advanced Shortcuts. Would still be nice to see it added to the edit menu when you right click an object. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I second this; I don't like using the Advanced Shortcuts, because I end up accidentally "typing" on the map and doing things I hadn't intended. &nbsp;Since obviously the mechanism exists to send things to Dynamic Lighting, it would be great to have it added to the right-click menu.
What Kevin said.
I'm a fairly new user here. I'm going through my first 2 campaigns and also ran into this issue, except even with the keyboard shortcut, I must be doing something wrong because I can't get it to move to the correct layer.&nbsp; I am mainly using this for opening and closing doors.&nbsp; Moving to GM layer is easy enough.&nbsp; Moving it back to dynamic lighting layer is a pain.&nbsp; Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but I would also love the ability to have this directly on the context menu through the GUI.