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Drawing Thread

So I noticed that Pakrat has done some pieces on his character (which are awesome and way better than anything I could do) and I was wondering if anyone else has done any artwork on their characters. I did a quick sketch of Wardy Tuuson during and after our session last Sunday. It's not much, I'm actually thinking about doing something more in-depth later. Back to the point though if anyone ever done a quick sketch or doodle of anything in the game (or anything else really) feel free to post it here!
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I do draw more than just my character. So, to help me, the more a player can tell me about their character, the better I can make an accurate sketch. For example, I'd like to try drawing Panzor next. But I need more info.
Here is an attempt at drawing and coloring a miniature for use as Gevaudan in-game. Shrink it down to proper size and I hope it works.
You might want to try giving that a pass with a vector drawing program, like Inkscape. The result should look much cleaner that way.

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My character's older sister.
Gerald, an artist's approximation.
Uthka Varzeekh, assistant to Dame Cannagrrh.

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Dame Qithka Cannagrrh. 

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My pitiful attempt at the 300-ton A2Lm "stretched" Far Trader...

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Token image for Uthka Varzeekh...

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For an upcoming Mission....    

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A draft pencil and ink of a A2LmIn "stretched and inverted" Far Trader that features retractable  solar sails.  Stats to follow...
Solar sails are a bad idea for a mercenary craft because they're just going to be shot up by our own guns trying to defend the ship and all the other guns all of the time. ^_^; Nice picture though.

Edited 1438194891
Ventral view with sail-wings retracted, folded and stored under wing.

Edited 1438334664
Countess Aevrrudan, a 'noble'-merchant-field journalist from the Julian Protectorate... Aevrrudan  Vargr Female age 38  Str 5 Dex 9 End 7 Int 11 Edu 10 CHA/Soc 12  Ri Va Homeworld Carouse-0 VaccSuit-0 Computer-0 Trade-0 Admin-1 Advocate-0 Comms-2 Diplomat-1 Investigate-1 Persuade-2 Broker-0 Astrogation-0 GunCombat(Shotgun)-1 Stewart-0 Streetwise-0 Recon-1 Science(Linguistics)-0 Art (Dance)-0 2 terms Nobility(Administrative) Rank=1 Nobility Event: You rule wisely, have a silver tongue or sponge off your family's wealth with skill. Gain an Enemy and +2DM to your next Advancement  Nobility Mishap: You've been injured in an accident ('accident' or Enemy?) and will lose one point of Strength attribute. 1 term Merchants(Free Trader) Rank=0 Merchant Mishap:  A sudden war destroys your trade routes and contacts, forcing you to flee that region of space.  Gain GunCombat(any)-1 2 terms Entertainer(Journalist) Rank=2 Entertainer Event:  One of your creative works is stolen and the investigation brings you into the criminal underground.  Select a skill. Entertainer Event:  You have accepted an opportunity to criticize or even bring down a questionable political leader on your homeworld.  You gain an Enemy and 1 Social (Cha). Benefits:  10000, 2 Ship Shares, Blade, Blade, Intelligence, Social, TAS Membership Backstory: Born to wealthy and high-Charisma ruling family, Countess Aevrrudan was quickly sent to high-placement schooling, finishing school, and even dance school to impress the peer families of her Rich, Asteroid cluster of her origin.  She was put into a ruling position over a single quadrant of that world's second asteroid belt and ruled wisely for eight years.  An accident with an airlock wrenched her shoulders from the exertion of holding onto a ladder for dear life as the section of the station decompressed.  She managed to punch an emergency bulkhead closure in time.  The damage was done to her upper body strength.  She suspected her younger brother's pack of trying to ghost her earlier than she could arrange for her abdication from the chair.  Her funds from those two terms earned her a place on an A2Lm "stretched" Far Trader outbound for the stars.  Four years of running trade netted little as her homeworld was invaded by jealous aggressors from a nearby state.  Abandoning the dangerous space lanes, Countess Aevrrudan took her vessel to a NetCom news agency and used her standing to gain a field correspondence position.  Her younger brother's pack struck again and intercepted and jammed one of her best reports.  It seems her brother's best pack-mate became infatuated in her but was spurned by the career-minded Countess.  This suitor had connections to the underground and black market that tunneled all the way to the Third Empire of Gashikan where Vargr are hated and hunted.  She traced the dealings and has almost enough proof to implicate and publicize the former suitor.  Just one more crucial step and she can go to the authorities, namely the family head and shame both her suitor and -by association- her ambitious younger brother, despite her parents' warnings that things might turn out unjustly.  Politics.  Her suitor's family is attached to the Diplomatic Corps to Gashikan.  Now, her brother wants her dead and her former suitor wants to do worse to her.  However, due to her current place in the public eye, they can do little.... for now . Notes:  This character is an excellent heroine character or a damsel caught in the deepest of nobility intrigues.  A player should keep in mind she will pull no punches in the world of news reporting as objective view, integrity reporting, and full transparency is key to keeping the viewers ratings.  Her very high Charisma means she is alluring, carousing, and can loosen the most wary adversaries.  She is not too modest to use her beauty and charms to lull her targets into spilling their guts - figuratively and literally.  Being from the Julian Protectorate, Countess Aevrrudan has accepted the equality and integrated culture of humans with Vargr.  She will even accept a panet relationship, should she find someone between her missions.  This makes her both a viable love interest, adventuring companion, and a silver-tongued reputation-slayer.  Words are her greatest weapon.

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"This one likes to keep this handy...for close encounters."
A Vargr exotic fan-dancer performs onstage in the Julian Protectorate.
Here is a Render of Gerald from  Blender. Gerald was made using  Makehuman.
Tonight at the Grand Amphitheater: HOT & SPICY  Be there! Sponsored by Sylk, maker of all the apparel you will ever need.
How attached are you to the name "Nutmeg"? Maybe "Cayenne" would be better? "Nutmeg" sounds too wholesome.

Edited 1438841174
Maybe, but rebranding at this point would cause their agent so much trouble. Have some respect for the guys behind the scenes man! However, I propose AMC starts their own band. Sergei can be the lead guitarist because he's so dextrous, Charoux can be our agent, Gev is the drummer/driver, the Colonel is the basist, Gerald works the lights and Bearman is the lead singer because talking bear.
I pulled the content from the wiki.  The names are not mine but I did revise them to their races and genders.  I like drawing visual aids as pictures speak 1000 words.  Providing an NPC cast thickens the plot, unites and divides, gives flavor and hooks for storylines.  I don't play RPG for gearheadedness.  I play to tell a tale.  Hopefully it will be a story to relay to others.  AMC and the Fifth Frontier War spoke to me and I stepped up to the plate.  And all this while I am trying to develop Khoellighz Sector on the side, because some yahoo did a poor job before me.
Not as good as in-game, but here's my own interpretation of Prof. Isis, AMC's Zhodani teleportation expert.
Each PC seems to be gathering their own support cast.
Even NPCs can have an Enemy or Rival.  Meet Isis'.

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Panzer wearing the green suit that he got off the Giant Green Guy.
Adam Kelsington, Sylk corporate lawyer

Edited 1440610996
Gevaudan and Charoux at the helm, sensors, comms and astrogation boards on the bridge.
Isis and the Colonel
I guess Charoux must be modifying his sunglasses... again . XD
Colonel Robertson. Bolter in one hand, babe in the other.
A poor attempt at Charoux.
Pepper onstage at a Hot & Spicy concert.  She is the lead guitarist prodigy and Red Wizard gaming archmage.
Album cover of most recent tracks from Hot & Spicy.  "Drinking the Kool-Aid".....
Poor, perhaps, but definitely more like it. :) If that's a tablet, though, that should probably be his wrist-mounted holo-display. Which is admittedly harder to draw than a tablet, so... XD
render of some characters
Hane Meson
A different version of Hane Meson
Jaunt you for her, Colonel?
Hane  gets a haircut and real job.
Within their own quarters, Vargr have little nudity taboo, wearing clothes more for utility and for human sensibilities.  Also, Gevaudan has not developed a habit of locking his stateroom door.
Gevaudan's new cowl...
No tea?  No future.  Know tea?  Know future. Got tea?

Edited 1442615364
That final hour... So as to quell virgin eyes, Gev is seen here in his quarters.  Vargr check their weapons first.  No sense putting on armor if one cannot neutralize the enemy.  Next, on that final hour before starship combat, one like Gev talks to a higher power, even if within, with no pretense or ego or decoration.  Gevaudan is like that.

Edited 1444602324
In 1130, Virus breaks out due to Archduke Dulinor's bungled final attempt at the Irridium Throne.  Here is one such Vampire-Awakened vessel infected with Virus.... Thuringwethil,   Quenya  <woman of the secret shadow>
Jacob: I know you think I'm a prude, Gev, but seriously... Armor!
Gev on final approach to a gas giant for fuel skimming.
I keep looking for a "Like" or "+1" button...
That must have been his second run that day... he looks a little weary.