I'm looking to join a new group, preferably from the start(Or at least really low level) of a campaign, but not necessary.  I'm new to 5E, but have a fairly good grasp on the rules, due to me watching roleplay shows on Twitch and having played other rulesets.(4E, Dark Heresy and Eclipse Phase)  Due to my unusual social times(I work evenings) I'm unable to join groups locally, except on my days off(Tue/Sun), which I have.  But they use the previously mentioned rulesets and I really want to try out 5E. One other note is I normally play as combat focused martial characters, but am wanting to try out playing a caster.  I have an idea for a Tiefling Sorceror. Edit: Maybe I should add a timezone conversion. :P It's 6PM-Midnight EST. I would also be willing to do Tues/Sun if the sessions started after Midnight. As in 0:01 Weds/Monday(Still Tues/Sun evening for NA timezones) morning. So it wouldn't overlap with my other groups. :)