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Measure Tool Consistency with Hex Grids

When using the measure tool on a hex grid, all directions don't seem to be created equally. After fiddling with the scale (setting it to 0.93 seems to result in a true 1 meter hex grid) I found that measuring along the diagonals seems to produce longer measurements. The same effect can be seen with the default setup as well. Test system: Windows 7 (64 bit) Chrome 21.0.1180.89 This shows up consistently on several systems. Also, is the fact that I needed to set the scale to 0.93 a bug? It seems that setting the grid scale to 1 m should result in each hex being exactly 1 m apart.
Forum Champion
I noticed this myself. I have been trying to set up Starfleet Battles and it would be nice if I can use a measuring tool to figure out the distances involved even a hex counting measurment tool would be nice. - Gauss
I have noticed this and a couple of other things: 1. It's not possible to precisely line up the Roll20 hex grid with a map with a pre-printed hex grid on it. As John has pointed out, this is because the hexagons aren't perfect hexagons. 2. An unusual level of precision. Quite often the distance between two hexes is listed as something like 7.000000000001 units.