Do you love Vikings? Wanna learn Torchbearer too?


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Middarmark Torchbearer RPG LFP: Looking for Players for Torchbearer Games If you're interested in learning about Torchbearer RPG, I'll be running some one-shot adventures in June and July. We'll make characters and delve into the dungeon all in one session, learning along the way. I've been having a great time running one-shot Torchbearer modules on Roll20. Torchbearer is one of, if not the best OSR D&D-style games. Middarmark is the new setting for Torchbearer that centers around a viking-like mythology set in a high-fantasy mashup. Interested? PM me: Days and times that are good for you (I'm Eastern US timezone) An image of the viking character you would like to play

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Updates Games are full for 6/16 & 6/17, 6/23 & 6/24 July 8 game is full