Experienced DM looking for group/players or DM

My girlfriend and I are experienced 5e players and I've been running games since 2005. We live in the eastern time zone and would like to play based on that schedule. I'm more than happy to DM if there are two to three players who want me to DM, but I'm also willing to play. My girlfriend will be playing. We'd like to play once a week, or bimonthly and want a group who can keep that schedule. My dming style is very much akin to Matt Mercer on Critical Role. I run narrative heavy games, but I probably run more dungeon crawl and battles than that show. I only ask that anyone who plays with us be respectful and mature. I also enjoy teaching new players and am willing to play with newcomers.We ask that players be at least 18 years old. Thanks for reading and hope to get going with in the next week or so!
What times and days would you and your girlfriend be willing to play? 
i'm interested. seconding the 'what days are you free to play' question.
Depending on the day and time, I would also be interested.
My husband and I are interested in playing - we are not available on Tuesdays or Saturdays but are otherwise available after 6EST m-f and anytime Sunday we have both done DMing but don't have time that it takes to commit to that right now so would prefer not to DM.
If you're not playing Sunday or Monday, I would love to join. If you do end up DMing, what books/UA will be allowed for classes/spells/races and what sort of style would the setting be? If you have any questions for me, let me know!
My wife and I are interested in possibly joining a game.  I can play most evening and my wife can play any time of the day but only every other week due to her alternating work schedual.  We live in the Easter Time Zone too.
I am also interested. I live in the Pacific Time zone but I can play anytime.
Hello! I am also interested in this and am willing to play on a weekly basis. I would need to know what day of the week and I would need that day to stay consistent, though. I am CST, but am also a bit of a night owl.

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Thank you so much everyone for your replies! I was not expecting such a response. We are looking for 2-3 players max for our group, I just have the preference of a party no larger than 4. I've decided I will DM and will be running my homebrew world. I'll try to lump multiple responses here so that you all can see them. Any night of the week (outside of Thursday for Critical Role) is on the table. I'd like to keep the night negotiable just because I know we all have lives and responsibilities so my ideal situation would be to have a "normal" night to play, but be flexible to switch around if we need to do so. I figure that will be a closing discussion at the end of every session, making sure we're all good for the following night. My plan for books is just the handbook for the first campaign. I'm planning on having a session zero with everyone who I invite to play just so we can all get to know each other, chat about what game we're looking for, and roll/create characters. I'll also go over my few house rules during then too. I saw a few married couples who wanted to play, I'd ideally love to have people playing who already know each other in real life just because that lessens the number of strangers. I plan on running games for about 3-4 hours, from 8 til 11, or longer if everyone just wants to keep going.  I just want to say again that I appreciate everyone's response. I want to add that if we don't end up playing together that it is absolutely nothing personal, but just that I only set at out to get 2-3 players. I will continue to post here as long as we are still looking for players. Thank you all again!  
Hey hey! This is a little late and I'm not sure if you're still looking but my boyfriend and I are definitely interested in joining! We're big fans of roleplay heavy style games because we find them so much more fun and I've watched CR religiously (hello fellow critter!) If you've got 2 slots open still, we'd like to throw our names in the hat! It'd be fun I think and our schedules are both flexible enough to accommodate that style of play. Of course we prefer Tuesday nights but we can definitely negotiate around it!