New Release: Dungeon Puzzles

Paul C.
Marketplace Creator
"Don't worry guys. I've done the research and mapped this whole place out. What could possibly go wrong?" I finally created a puzzle I've been wanting to release for some time now. Dungeon Puzzles changes the tiles used to create your dungeon into puzzle pieces. The whole dungeon becomes one giant puzzle. How it works Let's assume your players find clues to a map of a dungeon they want to explore. They might find these clues through divination, on an ancient scroll or by interpreting the ramblings of a lone survivor. Sounds easy enough. But the pieces of dungeon are all facing the wrong way! To create a reliable map, players must rotate all the pieces in their place, leaving no open ends. All the tiles have been organised into a deck with infinite cards. This way players can cooperatively lay out puzzles and create dungeons quickly. Once they've solved the puzzle, just move all the tiles to the map layer and you're ready to play. Of course, you could have players solve the puzzle while they are in the dungeon. Perhaps a gnome tinkerer created rotating rooms, a wizard had a magical mishap or that's just how reality works around here. I've play tested this scenario, and what I really like about it is how players start thinking about their familiar dungeon crawls in a whole other way. They also needed to explore the whole dungeon to solve the puzzle. They even rotated rooms to help them escape pursuers. Alternatively, if you don't want to turn your whole dungeon into a puzzle but just want a puzzle to place in a single room, you can use vine or magic pattern pieces which must be rotated to created a closed circuit. This pack contains 25 puzzles and a lot of extra stuff. Check it out here: Have fun! Paul Camp
Ed S.
So is this an Add-on with cards decks to layout the dungeon puzzle? It looks interesting it's just hard to grasp how it works. 

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Paul C.
Marketplace Creator
The pack also comes with a couple of pages with an example completely layed out. You start out with an empty page with plenty of space. The players get a deck with infinite tile cards. They can pull as many cards from the deck as they want. With these cards, they must first recreate the pattern that represents the clues they've found. A straight line represents a straight hallway, a star a crossroads, and so on. When all the tiles have been layed out. Players must rotate them in their place. They rotate all the tiles the correct way leaving no loose ends. For instance, the corner tile in the upper right corner is facing outward. In order to connect with other tiles, it should be rotated 180 degrees. The end result is a dungeon where all the pieces are connected. Just move the dungeon to the map layer, add doors, monsters and furnishings (also in the pack) and you're ready to play.
I certainly am intrigued by this puzzle and fascinated by your Marketplace ideas, Paul. I look forward to wrapping my brain around this one, and hopefully find a campaign or start a one-shot just to spring this on Players and base a dungeon day upon it.
Paul C.
Marketplace Creator
Sounds great. Let me know how it goes.