[LFP] Within the Spellbind: OSR Sandbox and Megadungeon - New Players Welcome! [Open table options: Sundays 3pm PST/other weekday times available]


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For your consideration, I offer discovery, risk, reward, gothic decadence, and a destroyed wizarding school in an OSR (old school renaissance) megadungeon. Because extracting treasure from the huge ruined piles you dive into will be the primary way for your characters to gain XP and level up, avoiding danger, talking your way out of fights, fighting dirty when you do fight, planning heists, and making friends (or at least allies) with monsters will probably be smart moves. Like a lot of old-school games, you'll be encouraged to have followers, henchmen and animal companions, and attract an eclectic and useful bunch of outcasts, scoundrels and friends. This game will build upon the rules contained in B/X Essentials, a retroclone reproduction based on Basic/Expert D&D. The core ruleset is available for free: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/220729/B-X-Essentials-Core-Rules--Plain-Text-Edition Additional rules include a Death & Dismemberment table, and Rhabdomancy -- all PCs can try to pull randomly generated spells from the ether as they delve in magically active areas! New players are very welcome -- worrying about the rules and helping you make informed choices is my job. And from fighting wild monsters to casting your first fireball into a crowd of unfortunates, this game will have a lot of opportunities to cross things off of your D&D bucket list! Also: I'm LGBTQ friendly and expect my players to be, too. The game will run in open table format, so attendance is not mandatory for every session, and you can organize groups for expeditions. Sessions will normally be held Sunday afternoons at 3 PST with the option of scheduling another during the week UPDATE : currently looking at 5pm PST on Thursdays. The current plan is for those sessions to be about 4 hours, with a break for stretching in the middle. The game listing is here, along with more information about the setting and your character's place in it, and I hope to hear from you soon!: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/89942/within-th...
I've updated the Precis thread with some more followup questions I got! Also, here's the campaign region map:

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Hi all! The game is still happily accepting players! We are looking at sessions Sundays at 3 PST and Thursdays at 5 PST (come to one or both as your schedule and desire allow!) The first session happened last Sunday, and featured, among other things, accidental NPC flirtation, one character loving the taste of a horrific hangover cure, spontaneous fan art, and one player having to excuse themselves because they were laughing so hard they were in pain.