I am making a Fire Emblem campaign and using the (Ablaze) sound system of having two versions of one song, one calm and one with more energy, for when not battling and battling respectively (I realize that without the API, I would need a DJ GM to do this, which is fine by me). However, the way I am doing it right now is manually scrolling the bars and the issue with that is that they don't progressively get louder/softer as I drag them; the volume skips around until you drop the slide bar and I have to make a lot of smooth and accurate click-and-drops to make it "Good enough", which is why I want a fade option. I searched this up and saw this same suggestion 5 years ago. It got replied by Nolan saying that they would look into it, but I haven't found anything else since then. Is it not possible to implement it? Fanburst has a smooth volume control when handling the bar on the site, if it isn't possible to make fade buttons, is it possible to make the dragging control smoother?