So a thing I've been wanting since FOREVER now is the ability to give a player a handout that was more than a single page. More so I also want to be able to give them a handout that has a style and isn't just white and black text blocks.  The best description I can give is as follows. A handout that is similar to a sheet, in that it has styles, macros and pages/tabs. Even if it was simply the equivalent of a character sheet with 10 tabs of nothing but a single description block That would be perfectly usable.  Imagine the GM giving you a handout and it being a book cover that flips open to the first page with stylized writing on a paper like background. Maybe even use the black out that occurs when the GM forces the players to see an image as a way to set atmosphere and Perhaps even have a way to use Gifs to add flickering candle light.  Give the GM and most importantly the player; the ability to set the book cover image, paper texture and add images to the book. If anyone can expand on the idea and give better descriptions that My sleep deprived brain couldn't articulate here than please do so in the replies.