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Drag and drop from characters isn't working

I dragged a few monsters from the compendium and made sheets that way threw a token on it and now it wont let me place it on the map. Same with all the creatures that i made this way for my druid and it used to work before the new update. Got a game tomorrow and kind of need to know how to fix. Thanks
Roll20 Team
Hi Spencer D., Just to clarify how you are going about this are you: 1) Creating a blank character sheet, dragging a creature from the compendium to the character sheet, and then trying to drag that onto the tabletop? of 2) Dragging a creature from the compendium directly onto the tabletop? Thank you!
I had done it with a blank sheet before the update and they weren't working afterwards. But when I remade a few for a session I might need them for I used the blank sheet they worked. So just need to remake them all I guess