LFG - New player looking for a group for [D&D5e][Superhero]


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Hello all, I am new on roll20 , have two decades long roleplaying experience. Never played a ttrpg with others who weren't physically near me, but I think voice/text is more than enough. I do have discord. But no experience with roll20 map system- I took the tutorial though. I would like to play and learn D&D5e on here. I played D&D3.5, but I remember only half its mechanics since I quit roleplaying several years ago. I think I will quickly adjust to 5e. I already strated reading PHB to grasp it. I am also interested in superhero genre, such as Marvel universe. I wish to be a part of a long-term campaign, but I am definitely up for short-terms and one-shots. I am available to play any hour of the day. Have a very flexible schedule. I am a heavy roleplayer, and I like focusing on and making use of my group members' characters' stories and personalities to create dramatic, comical, or tragic interactions. During rollplaying, battlecrafting and strategic planning are things that I enjoy the most; I'd rather have a laugh or add to the story by losing an ear than win a battle in two minutes without a stain on my clothes. I value meaningful sacrifices, conflicts, losses, and deaths. My hope is to find a welcoming group who will embrace me, and make the most of our time together, and when necessary be kind enough teach me the basic mechanics of the campaign so that I can function properly and contribute to the gameplay without hiccups. Thank you for reading. Hoping to meet great roleplayers and create amazing universes together.
Still looking for a D&D 5e game. One-shot, short-term, or long-term; I am up for all.
Andrew R.
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You should put your time zone in your profile and post. It helps GMs and players choose you. 
Thanks, Andrew R., I added that part.