Would anyone like to GM a campaign based on the Japanese video game series Persona ? I'm an absolute RPG novice (kinda created a character once, never used) and I'm super eager to try something new. Persona games tell the stories of people (usually teenagers) who control demonic creatures called Personas with their minds and fight against the crooked shadows of society. The series takes inspiration from mythology, the theories of Jung and of course anime. Social criticism and relationships are important factors of the stories as well. Here are rules and sheets created by another fan. No worries if you haven't even heard of the games before, I've only completed one of them myself. If you'd like to get introduced to the setting and style in depth but don't play video games, just watch walkthroughs on Youtube. They are JRPGs, so be prepared for lots of dialogue and flashy battles.
Have you seen this it might be interesting if this game doesn't work out
Which Persona would you want it based off?
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You should put your time zone in your post and profile. It helps GMs and players choose you.
Definitely interested in joining your game but like   កែវវាសនា I would like know which of the Persona games is this game going to be like. My timezone is UTC-06:00. 

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I too would like to try this out. Made a persona game myself but never got off the ground :/ let me know the time/date of this game. I'm EST so hopefully the timezone won't be too bad
Thanks! My timezone is GMT+2. I would like it best if the RP would have it's own setting and only cameos and references to the actual games, but I'm also somewhat familiar with the stories of 2, 3, 4 and 5. 1 was quite honestly not my thing. Also, would love it if the RP would be just as brave storywise as the games, not shying away from controversial subjects.
While the rules seem a bit complicated, I'm definitely interested. Played 3, 4, and 5, though I only got a chance to completely finish 5.
As a resident SMT super fan this is something I would be interested in setting up for you, but I do not know when I could find the time at the moment, nor which system I would use or if I would design one from the ground up. 
I have a friend that was asking me the other day if anyone I knew was up for playing in a Persona or Shin Megami Tinsei spinoff game that uses Pathfinder rules and the Golarion Archfiends, Empyreal Lords and buffed up Deific Heralds in place of real-world demons and deities. I'm not entirely sure about how would handle personas, but he said something vague about an Eidolon-like creation system with some abilities scavenged from bestiaries thrown into the mix. I was interested in it, but didn't know anyone right off-hand. A caveat though: he would likely be text-only GM, as he is a bit anxious about his voice acting in games, particularly in regards to voicing the opposite sex. I have no issues with it, as I much prefer playing through text as well for multiple reasons and have, up until my recent game prep on here, primarily run games on Discord text channels. Would anyone like me to contact him?
Please imagine I didn't misspell a word and leave out 'we'. o_O
Feel free to contact him. I guess I prefer textbased too. The rules I linked were just an example. If they are too complex, they can be modified or scrapped for something else entirely. I have to admit I didn't read them yet, have too much going on currently.