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It's getting dark here pro set token issue

Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) Win10  My issue is I am trying to add the crow token and it will not propagate to the sand box with drop and drag. I have tried putting other tokens from "its getting dark here" pro set and they seem to work fine. I tried search for another issue like this have not found any. I have tried refreshing the browser page  I have tried Xing out of the browser and restarting,  The crow token will not place on the sandbox. First time posting. Thank you
Roll20 Team
Hi  Paul L. Do you think you could capture a console log of when you drag the crow on to the Virtual Tabletop? Thank you!
    I think that is it? Not the most literate on the PC 
Roll20 Team
Thank you for that. I was also able to confirm this same behavior on my end as well. I have submitted the ticket for the devs to have a look.