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Looking to Pay a Story Creator to help write a story on my world


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I have created a very in depth detailed world map, with detailed dungeons, etc I have a list of bad guys and monsters I would like in the world and well as a beginning and end plot I am very creative when it comes to creating a fantasy world but my mind goes black when creating a story to tell, NPCs, side missions, etc I have ideas on certain different parts of where I want things to go I am willing to pay a creative experienced story teller to help build a great story for this adventure Price can depend on experience and agreed upon between us. I can share my documents/images with whoever I choose to hire for a storyteller You wouldn't have to DM/GM the story, just create it for me to tell.
Hi Dylan, In effect you want someone to read all of your material, become comfortable with the info, and then create a written adventure that takes place in your world? Are you looking for a full module, as in an adventure that takes the players from level 1 - 10 or higher?  Or just a one-shot adventure? Are you planning to run this module on roll20?  Are you wanting the story developer to create the module/adventure in roll20? Depending on what you're interested in for a final product, I could see this being something that takes many hours to create.  Do you have an approximate budget in mind? -Adam
Hi Adam. Yes I am wanting someone to go through what I have and see if they are wanting to take the task to write me a story for it. and yes I am wanting a full adventure starting at level 1 and beyond. No I am not wanting to run this on Roll20, more for personal use. Budget can depend on Writers experience and what they are wanting as payment for for the story. If you would like more information please message me and I can send you more details about the adventure
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