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Organize Rollable Tables

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I create a bunch of rollable tables, mostly to support multisided tokens, and would desperately like some ability to sort them into some sort of file-structure. Pretty please?
I'm going to concur with this. I'd love rollable tables for tokens with the same type of directory structure as the art assets. It's desperately needed.
Spot on, Mojo.  I have tons of tables I'm creating, but no way to sort, group, or search quickly.  I thought I was missing the "move/change order" icon like in items, attribute macros, etc. but it appears it doesn't exist for macros, decks, or rollable tables under the COLLECTIONS tab.  This would be a very nice feature to have. At a minimum, at least give an alphabetical sorter for rollable tables.
i join the club, to organize the tables like the art assets would not just be nice, its essential. pls roll20 devs, give us a little quality of life for this
Yes, alphabetical order would really help at least to do some basic prefix-based organization...
Mike W.
Sheet Author
Any form of sorting like the rest of the handouts and character sheets would be extremely helpful.
Now that I'm using the terrain gen in my sandbox campaign, I've got a growing tonnage of tables and a pressing need to sort them. Please implement. Thank you.
Same, please for the love of God. I use multi-sided tokens in case my players get fresh to easily identify actively hostile people, and I can't even move them manually.
Yes please.  At the very least, Alpha Numeric sorting like the Macros have.
+1  I have an unholy amount of rollable tables and would love to see them in alpha numeric order
+1. I would like to see both File/folders like the other assets and alphabetical sorting.
It baffles me that a year and change later, this hasn't been addressed yet.
I desperately need folders for my tables, and still nothing. 
Please for all that is good and holy or bad and unholy or true neutral or WHATEVER, please do this.  Please.
Oh my gods. Yes please! I have so many rollable tables that I need to scroll down quite a ways whenever I create a new one. I'd LOVE to have them organized. This needs to be a thing.
KS Backer
+1. Would love to Organize them in any way possible. Folders would be perfect!
+1, and Extra Points if you allow Macros to be sorted by folders aswell
+1, with 50+ rollable tables, it became a problem to know where each one is in the list
Elemental Flame
Marketplace Creator
I couldn't agree more and I am glad to see so many people use multi-sided tokens. I think it's an underutilized feature -- maybe some organization would help that.
+1 my brothers
+1, seems silly it's not possible but is possible with the other things like macros.
Seems like they are still unorganizable 2 years later, is it at least being considered?
Not sure why this is taking years to do..... +1
It's starting to get cluttered...being able to sort both, the contend as well as the tables would be nice.. it's already possibly with uploads, character sheets/handouts and inside character sheets... why not with Card Decks, Rollable Tables AND their content? would be nice and super useful +1
Yeah indeed. Would be more than helpful and time saving to get same sort Journal like folder and move/delete/modify abilities. +1
Alessandro said: Yeah indeed. Would be more than helpful and time saving to get same sort Journal like folder and move/delete/modify abilities. +1 +2
yes, would like this too.

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+1 I couldn't agree more,  I currently have 493 roll tables just for the first four generations.  I can't tell you how many times I rechecked to make sure I didn't miss an entry.  Having to add #72...and then redo 73-493... A sort option would work: ascending/descending, alphabetical/numerical Or unlock and slide similar to character sheet abilities and maps
While this remains a much requested feature, I'd like to point out that when you attatch a multi-sided token to a character sheet, the sheet remembers the token, and doesn't reference the table. That is to say, if you delete the table and then drag the character on to the map, you'll still get the multi-sided token. When I learned this, I was able to somewhat clear out a lot of unneccesary tables, but I still maintain this is a much needed feature.
Thanks for the tip.  I keep all of the tables so I can have all three sides of my tokens to have battles as quickly as possible.  My goal is to sit down with friends, populate a map full of Pokemon or a 6v6 of random Pokemon within a couple minutes.