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Organize Rollable Tables

Score + 158
+1 for me!
It might be worth throwing one's vote/ideas behind this suggestion, which is similar and has more votes? Folders in addition to Tags for ALL Resource Management Anyway, I'm putting a vote on this one, too! Great idea, very needed.
I will admit that the absence of this singular feature is really putting a huge stall on my use of roll20. I use roll tables a lot to expedite GMing, and often I end up with so many that most of my tables get lost in the absolute ton of them I have, making them hard to search for and tinker with if needed. And it seems that I am not the only one, so I am really anxious to see when/if this can be implemented.
Lets get on this one already!
Should be so easy to doooooo +1 Roll20! :)
+1, I agree that at least alpha-numeric ordering by default would be a start.
+1 ... it's been years. Get cracking Roll20!
Just encountered this issue when I was copying over a large number of tables for flavor and such from the DMG for 5e, only to discover I had absolutely no way to organize them. Not going to go back and fix it, now, because I'm not interested in spending that much time deleting and re-making tables just to re-order them. +1, please add the ability to sort tables.
I'll gladly add my vote to this feature request. I honestly can't believe that the rollable tables don't automatically sort by name like the macros do, especially after 3+ years of people asking for it. It's a real pain trying to figure out whether or not you've already made a specific table, simply because there's no order to the list.
+1 I'm kind of surprised this isn't a feature yet. 
Thom d said: +1 I'm kind of surprised this isn't a feature yet.  This simple QoL update would have been timely three years ago, when I first made this topic. I gave up on waiting for updates and found greener pastures. Every once in a while I'll join a Pick up group for a one-shot or a shorter campaign and I read over the replies to old threads I made like this one and, oh boy... I am so not regretting switching platforms
+1 Please!
I handle a lot of downtime random tables through roll20 and it is rapidly becoming a cluttered mess. At the very least the option to sort alphabetically would go a long ways towards mitigating the navigation difficulty for my players.
+1 as I am looking to go into using more of the rollable tables...
I just started to prep a few Random Encounter Tables and not having a way to rearrange them in an order that match my campaign is killing me... So I'd like to join the bandwagon of asking for a way to do so. Thanks!
+1 as I am starting a campaign for Talisman RPG and it has Lotsa rollable tables...
This would be very nice, I agree.  I have around 80 rollable tables in my campaign and I'm constantly adding more.  Everytime an enemy, player, or just a token on the board can change the way it looks;  Every time I need a random output for status or random effects;  Every single enemies unique loot table.  I shudder at the thought of ever having to hunt through it all for one in particular.  +1 from me.
+1 This would be very helpful.
+1 How is this not a thing yet!?
+1 Please...
David M.
API Scripter
Even just a filter for the Collections tab (like the ones already in the art/journal/compendium tabs) would be super helpful. Would allow quick access to bloated rollable table/deck/macro lists.
LoL 4 years....embarrassing... 
+1 5 years and counting.