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I'm a player and I can no longer see my character sheet

the group created character sheets last month and it worked fine there but now when I click on journal I can't see my name so I can't access my sheet.
It is possible that the GM accidentally removed your permission.  Did you ask him to check that first?
no.he can see it but I can't for some reason
Sheet Author
Make sure they double check the permissions.( )  GM's see everything, but player's will only see what they are allowed to see.  The GM might try changing the permission to "All Players" as a workaround.  Have you changed your roll20 name by chance?

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The worst case scenario is that the sheet is bugged and the GM needs to make a new sheet for you. The GM could always duplicate the character sheet and see if that works. If it doesn't then it's most likely bugged or it has the wrong player permissions assigned to it somehow. 
i have not changed my roll 20 name.thank you for for the advice I'll tell my dm