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Warlock Pact Weapon Questions

So I made a Hexblade Warlock and took the pact of the blade now my question is what are the limitations of this pact. I’m currently level 4 and that allows me to take the improved pact weapon Eldritch invocation that allows me to summon a ranged pact weapon thus increasing the list of things that my character can summon. Can I use this pact from a utility standpoint? Say for some reason I needed a shovel or a crowbar? Would it be permissible to use my pact weapon in such a way and just give it the stats of an improvised club? I wouldn’t use constructs like that for combat but I feel it would add a little bit of flavor to it.
This would be a better question on one of the many D&D subreddits and is not really a suitable topic of discussion on Roll20 given that Roll20 is system agnostic.
thank you!
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rpg.stackexchange.com is another great place to look for rules answers.