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Sta Block / Battle block associated with a token

Hello all! I was wondering if there is a way to have a small stat block that pops up when you select a token. The only thing I have figured out so far is to double click it and look at the notes, which always pops up in the middle of the screen blocking everything.  I am looking for something small like the initiative tracker that I could move around but it should a stat block associated with the selected token.

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Did you know that you can Shift-double click the token to bring up it's character sheet?
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What sheet are you using?
I am using a custom sheet for my system SagaBorn. Character sheets take up the whole center screen. I like the way that Combat Manager ( deals with combat blocks. When you select a character, it pops up in the small bar to the right. I wish Roll20 had something like that along the right column, or a smaller sheet that didn't take up so much space.

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You could also write a macro to whisper a stat block to yourself (or to everyone) in the chat. As a Pro user, you can edit the character sheet to add a custom roll template for it to format it how you like.
Check out the API script, TokeNotes.  It allows you to write anything in the GM notes section of a token (not the sheet) and when the token is selected, it displays them as text to the right of the token.   Here is a thread about TokeNotes.  It does use one of the stat bubbles, so you have to sacrifice the use of one of those.
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Also, if you do use the TokeNotes script, check to end of that thread: the script has an error in it, and the second post from the end shows the edit you need to make to fix it. Last time i checked, just a couple of weeks ago, the script hadnt had that fix applied.
Thanks everyone! It is not perfect, but it is a good start!