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Need to report a DM for abusing Roll20 !!ADMIN!!


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There is a Roll20 user that creates a game just to kick the players after they have put in a lot of effort to create their characters. I want to know if admins would be able to take action against this user. [User-info deleted from here, saved in a now-deleted post that mods/devs can still see at the end of this thread] This is his current name, however, he keeps changing it.
You can contact admins directly.
How do I contact them Zed?

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Creating a game then inviting people and then booting them isn't really against the rules it is just bad behavior. Now I am not siding with him/her, but letting you know prob admins/mods wont be able to do much.
Gen Kitty
Roll20 Mod Team
Please 'Report' any users that violate our code of conduct and if you don't see a report button on the relevant interaction, please email the Devs at with all the relevant information.  Since this will be handled via email, I will close this thread.