[Market Release] World Map Builder: Islands [Feedback, Discussion]

Erik S.
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World Map Builder: Islands (Pack 3) This pack focuses mainly on smaller islands which again come in colored, parchment variations, and treeless variations. Feedback and Discussion is welcome. Let me know what you think of my packs, what improvements I could make, and if there is anything specific you think I should include in any future packs. Examples: (scaled down for forum) Other Packs: [World Map Builder: Land Masses] Marketplace (Pack 1) [World Map Builder: More Land Masses] Marketplace (Pack 2) Forum Discussion: [World Map Builder: Land Masses] Feedback Post (Pack 1) [World Map Builder: More Land Masses] Feedback Post (Pack 2)
The Aaron
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Erik S.
Marketplace Creator
Thank you. :) I appreciate the feedback.