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Attribute value of a Select option

Hi, I have a problem with the value of a select option. I have my caracteristique Value : <input type="hidden" name="attr_For" value="4"/> <input type="hidden" name="attr_Agi" value="2"/> ect.... Then, I select the skill's caracteristique like thaht : <select name="attr_SkillCarac"> <option value="@{For}">For</option> <option value="@{Agi}">Agi</option> </select> The value of my Select option is so : "@{For}" or "@{Agi}", ect... but i want to have the VALUE of this attribute like "4" or "2". Can is it possible? Thank you, and sorry for my google english

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Sheet Author
When you pull the value for SkillCarac, what do you get?   How are you using the value of SkillCarac? ie the calculation of another attribute or just posting the value as a readonly input on the sheet?  If it's another attribute try type="number" ie <input name="attr_SkillCarac-mod" type="number" value="@{SkillCarac}"> or if it's used for a formula try adding parenthesis around the value ie value="(1d20+@{SkillCarac})".
This is my calculation :  <input type="hidden" name="attr_yAlphab√©tisation" value="(((@{SkillCarac} + @{rankDAlphab√©tisation}) - abs(@{SkillCarac} - @{rankDAlphab√©tisation})) / 2)" disabled><span></span> And this not work. Even if I add parenthesis :(

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Scott C.
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Is it just showing the formula in the input? I think you need to do disabled=true or disabled="true", not just disabled. Disclaimer: I don't use autocalc, so I'm not 100% sure
Nop, even with disable=true, it's dont work. 
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Vindikaell said: Nop, even with disable=true, it's dont work.  Can you be more precise? What do you mean by "it doesn't work"?
It's all right ! Thanks for your answer, it was a simple command mistake !