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[WOTC] Player's Handbook Bug Reporting Thread


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Roll20 Team
Thank you for purchasing the Players Handbook! Please report any bug or game issues below. Here is a quick FAQ based on past releases: I bought the compendium expansion. Now what? You can now see all Player's Handbook content in the Roll20 Compendium, both in app and on the site. For more information on how to use the Roll20 Compendium, check out the&nbsp; Compendium Wiki. What Character Sheet should I use? All Wizards of the Coast licensed content on Roll20 uses the Roll20 5th Edition OGL Sheet. When creating a new Roll20 game that you intend to use with Players Handbook, be sure to select the 5th Edition OGL as your Character Sheet in the Game Setup page for full compatibility. How do I access the Roll20 Charactermancer for this content? For all things Charactermancer, please check out the&nbsp; Charactermancer Wiki . For any Charactermancer bugs, please report them on the&nbsp; Charactermancer Bug Thread . For any content specific issues (Wizards shouldn't have Two-Weapon Fighting!), please post those here. How do I access Compendium Sharing for my players? To access Compendium Sharing, please check out the&nbsp; Compendium Sharing Wiki . Edit:&nbsp; For Compendium Sharing issues, please make a post in this general thread for now -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;or you can email&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;with your issues as well. I am only able to help with PHB content via this thread. Thanks so much for helping us get bug reports to the right teams! Current Known PHB Issues: Cost not showing up on items Subclasses and Subraces are currently not dragable, only the base Class and Race Feats are not dragable Class traits are not dragable OR are not dragging in correctly Cantrips are not scaling their damage correctly Compendium Auto Linking is currently semi reliable (of note: Grappling)&nbsp;
Hello! Upon purchasing the players handbook there was an immediate bug I noticed with D&amp;D styling on the 5th edition OGL character sheet. For whatever reason when the 5e OGL has D&amp;D styling active the race and background sections of the sheet overlap. One of them is layered on top of the other so only that one is interact-able. This problem is in more than one game page and it is just tied to the D&amp;D styling feature. This is easy to recreate by simply making a game's sheet the 5th edition OGL and turning on the D&amp;D styling box at the bottom of the customization section. Turning off the D&amp;D styling fixes the problem. 1. I'm using Google Chrome version 67 that 2. has no extensions beyond a theme recolor and 3. runs through Windows 10. 4. Javascript is enabled 5. Windows Defender is the computer's anti-virus While I'm sure a these aren't necessary to the problem at hand I just wish to be thorough. Screenshots: &nbsp;No D&amp;D Styling &nbsp;D&amp;D Styling

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Moth - Hello! This is not a Player's Handbook bug, but something related to what the dev team is currently working on fixes for. Please keep an eye out on Twitter for fastest updates as we continue updating code for the Charactermancer launch today.&nbsp; ETA: Thank you for your report! We're all on high alert to get everything settled ASAP :)
PHB spells are not searchable for players I have shared the compendium with. The content can be found by going to SPELLS but not if searching for a specific spell directly.&nbsp; Robert
Small oversight with Thorn Whip as I believe it is a Druid only cantrip but Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard classes shows up in classes list. I noticed this when creating a sorcerer with the&nbsp;Charactermancer. Note I Blacked out the description.
Roll20 Team
Ye'Olde DM - Checking this out, thanks! r0zzin - Good catch! Thank you so much :) Should be fixed now!
Question on the Compendium Sharing - if I am a player in a game, can I enable sharing if the GM turns on sharing on the game (and of course, using one of my sharing slots?). If the answer is no, is this a possibility in the future? My group has multiple games/GMs which we regularly play, I wish to be able to turn on compendium sharing to them in both the game I GM and the game I play.
Tony R.
Sheet Author
I am having the exact same issue as Ye'Olde DM.

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Hi if I use the charactermancer it gives me the option to add the subrace and its features to sheet as I create the character, but i can't drop a subrace from the compendium to a created character sheet nor a subclass. For example, i had a halfling created previously, when i try to drag the lightfoot halfling from the compendium it doesn't add the lightfoot subrace. Just the halfling race and its features. If I create using the charactermancer the subrace fills without problems. In the same way, dragging a subclass from the compendium to the sheet doesn't work and I need to still fill it manually. I don't know if this is intended or if it's a bug. PD: not sure if it's more correct to post it here or in the charactermancer bug forum.
The cost of items, armor, weapons etc. doesn't show up when you click them in the compendium. When searching for armor list the only one showing up is mithril.&nbsp;

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More of an enhancement to consider later on when sharing the Compendium. Can we choose which content to share with out Players. I for example, don't need them seeing all of the Monster Manual NPC entries. I know this is most likely a lot to ask, though when purchasing this content in that "other software" all of these supplemental books are broken up by Player content and GM content, meaning Players can still access races from the MM, but not for instance see all of the NPCs. Also, any word on if/when we will see SCAG and Xanathar's??!?!! Super excited!
Hi, guys.&nbsp; Loving the new update. I note the spell Hellish Rebuke is currently showing as unavailable to all classes: Classes: —
Roll20 Team
I'm currently seeing the best vector for y'all to ask Compendium Sharing questions, as this forum thread is intended just for the PHB. Thanks for helping keep us organized and making sure that reports go to the right folks! Poyaqui - This is a known issue as the sheet currently can't handle choices the same way the Charactermancer can. A fix is currently in development where when you add a race, it'll ask you for the subrace. I have no ETA, but know that it's being handled! Elvira - That is a bug, thank you for reporting Samadhi - Thanks for the report! It's fixed now!

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My players are reporting that doing a Compentium search for PHB items isn't working. They can mostly manually go though the compendiem to find things but searching doesn't work. A prime example of this is searching for "Tiny Hut". I can see both the SRD Tiny Hut and the PHB Leomund's Tiny Hut. My players only see "Tiny Hut". Another issue I've noticed is the items don't appear to be dragable. I'm talking things for the inventory like Candles, torches, lamps. All those pesky items we get and discard. I was really hoping that stuff would be drag and drop to make life easy. Horse Saddles and bits and Bridles as well type thing. But I do love ability to share the items! PS, the ability to hide SRD stuff would be nice too once you have the PHB enabled.
Roll20 Team
For Compendium Sharing issues, please make a post in this general thread for now -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;or you can email <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> with your issues as well. I am only able to help with PHB content via this thread. Thanks so much!
Ah ok thanks. Here is a PHB issue. Page 157 of the HB lists all the prices for the Barding, Bits, saddles Saddlebags etc, but they are not found in the compendium and therefore not dragable.

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when i select the category:lists&nbsp;of the compendium, items, items by type, spells by level, by name, by school, paladin spell list by level &amp; name, as well as the rest of the classes', and monsters by cr rating, by name and by type appear blank. And armor list only appears mithral armor. Ups sorry, i will post it in the correct place, i thought it was part of the same section.
Roll20 Team
I have added a "Current Known Issues" section to the first post :)
I am a player and my DM has shared PHB with the campaign (including me). I'm unable to open the spells list in the PHB.&nbsp; When I open Wizard in the compendium, then click a link to Spells, then click "Spells by Level" it takes me to a page that just spins forever.&nbsp; If I click View All Rules then click Spells List I get the same problem. Separately, when I click Category:Spells in the compendium, it shows me all of the spells from PHB but if I add any search terms it continues to show me all spells rather than actually searching.&nbsp; For example: "Category:Spells Acid Arrow".&nbsp; However, if I just search for "Acid Arrow" in the compendium I get Acid Arrow from SRD and Melf's Acid Arrow from PHB.
I am unable to drag &amp; drop any feats _except_ Grappler (SRD feat). If I open a character sheet and drag and drop any feat from the compendium onto my character sheet _except_ Grappler nothing happens.&nbsp; If I drag and drop Grappler (the only SRD feat) onto my character sheet however it results in the feat being added to my character sheet.
Warlock class does not list Otherworldly Patrons other than The Fiend.&nbsp; I am in a game where the GM owns PHB and has shared it with the players.&nbsp; During character creation I can see the other two Warlock patrons, but if I browse the Warlock class via Compendium I don't see the others.&nbsp; If I look in Category:Subclasses I can see the other two (though they aren't associated with the Warlock class there so they are hard to find mixed in with every other subclass). As a side note: Subclasses in compendium should be grouped by class.&nbsp; Having a flat list of all subclasses with no indicator of class makes it difficult to browse, especially when you can't get to them from the class page (due to above bug).
Is it (or when will it be) possible to drag and drop class abilities higher than level 1? This is something I expected to be able to do when purchasing the PHB.
I cannot find the&nbsp;Player Handbook assets in my Art library?&nbsp;
Will the playable races from other books in the compendium such as volo's guide to monsters be added to the charactermancer
Roll20 Team
Micah: - The Spells by Level population does take a bit - How long have you left it spinning? - I'll check in on Feats not dropping in, that is a bug - When going to the Warlock page in app, it is not showing the subclasses at the bottom like it does here? -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Kev: The Charactermancer is for level 1 only at this time, with more levels coming later. I will check in on other traits being drag-and-droppable so they at least populate in traits.&nbsp; Jon J - Even when searching for "Player's Handbook" in your Art Library? -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;gives some more information on how to utilize assets.&nbsp; FracturedSolace -&nbsp; I cannot give you a date, but it is my personal goal that all compendiums will be updated to work with the Charactermancer. I want my yuan-ti's, dangit! :)
Little note about the purchase page: -While you can gift it to other recent players, your recent DMs aren't populated on that list. -If you purchase a gift through email, after the purchase is successful (at least through paypal), you get back to the original purchase page.&nbsp; It's not clear that it was successful (although an email is sent.)
Roll20 Team
Thanks Corey - I'll get that to the right folks so we can look into that notification process :)

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Hello. I just purchased the PHB compendium and I cannot access the Spell List. The results section only shows a spinning circle. I have left it to spin for 3 minutes and still nothing. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I am using the latest Chrome&nbsp; Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) &nbsp;on Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia.
Trivia said: Kev: The Charactermancer is for level 1 only at this time, with more levels coming later. I will check in on other traits being drag-and-droppable so they at least populate in traits. Thanks :) Can you please confirm that it is currently not possible to populate the traits section with higher level abilities at this time and that I am not just missing something! :) I look forward to your further updates as to when this will be available.
Yes, even when searching for Players handbook. There is nothing there?
Just to mention on here I'm not sure how many spells this is a problem with but when I added Animate Dead to one of my PC's spell sheet everything seemed fine but when I checked the description it had the higher level casting at the bottom of the description and not in the Higher level casting box. I am hoping that this will be fixed so I will just be able to drag and drop the spells onto the sheet. I am using the 5th Edition OGL sheet
Roll20 Team
Thank you Dillon! Was that the only spell you were having issues with?

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So far yes. But I have not tried to add any other spells yet. Here soon I will probably add more and see if I have anymore issues. So I am not sure how many spells this problem affects Edit Just to show you what I mean this is what happens when you add animate dead to the character sheet.
Roll20 Team
Thanks Dillion! This will actually take a character sheet fix (the rabbit hole went deeper than we thought!), so a fix is coming, but it may be a little bit. Thanks for reporting this so we could get it fixed ASAP!
Alright no big deal. Thanks for getting it on the list. So far other than this I am liking just having the handbook on here and the changes you have made to the sheet and the charatermancer. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see leveling up in the charactermancer!
Hi Trivia Do you have any further information on being able to drag-and-drop higher level abilities into the traits section following your discussion with the developers? Thanks
Roll20 Team
KevDM - I currently do not have a time frame for you, but worst case scenario is that this comes with when we add leveling to the Charactermancer. I'm hoping to have it figured out before then, but we need to do some data restructuring and doing that before levelling is in development might mean more bugs and double the work as we have to keep restructuring data for different iterations. So short answer: not yet, but it is something we also feel is very important, so it's on the forecast!
Trivia said: KevDM - I currently do not have a time frame for you, but worst case scenario is that this comes with when we add leveling to the Charactermancer. I'm hoping to have it figured out before then, but we need to do some data restructuring and doing that before levelling is in development might mean more bugs and double the work as we have to keep restructuring data for different iterations. So short answer: not yet, but it is something we also feel is very important, so it's on the forecast! Love the statement "WHEN we add leveling to the Charactermancer"&nbsp; LOVEEE IT!
Roll20 Team
:D We are all excited for that addition! But code it.......
Just to add on to my earlier report as well. I added Lightning Bolt to another character's sheet and I had the same problem as before which I did fix but I noticed something else. Lightning bolt was set as a spellcard and not an attack in the sheet. I did set it to attack and input all the damage and save and everything. I am not sure if it is supposed to be designed this way or if this is another issue so I thought I would post again to make you aware. Because for me personally I would have it set as an attack with the save so it would automatically roll all of that. I'm also not sure if this is because of the same issue as the original problem I posted or if this is a separate issue all together. I just tried adding fireball and it seems to be set to attack and all the damage and everything seems correct except for my original issue of the Higher level box. And again I am actually not sure how many other spells this affects as well I only tested those 2

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A few strange things I noticed when leveling up two rogues after purchasing the Player's Handbook: Evasion doesn't show up at all in the compendium search. Uncanny Dodge does show up in the search, but when I try to drag and drop Uncanny Dodge, it adds both Sneak Attack and Thieves' Cant to my character sheet (but NOT Uncanny Dodge), even if I already have them (effectively creating duplicates). *Edited to remove parts about dragging and dropping not working, as I just saw these are known issues.
Roll20 Team
Dillon - The issue is currently with all spells that have a "Higher Level Cast", and it's getting worked on ASAP! Thank you for the reports :)
Roll20 Team
Jay - Looking into that now, thank you for the report!
Fighter Martial Archetypes are missing from Fighter handout. Unable to drag and drop second tab into game to show players as handout.&nbsp;
Roll20 Team
Thank you Kevin, looking into that now!
Hey, this is pretty frustrating. While i can access the compendium on a web browser, if i use the roll20 app and try to access the PHB content i purchased yesterday, i get taken to the "Run Your Game" page. After clicking Players Hand Book, im taken to a store page and asked to sign into Roll20. If i try to sign in, i just get taken to the sign in screen forever. :/ kinda bumming me out considering this was partially why i just spent 20 bucks.
After buying the PHB, it has made accessing the out of game compendium a hassle. Going to a page like&nbsp; Combat &nbsp;now just lists the splash page for combat and I have to click through various pages to see the content I want, and even then some of it is lost. Searching for rules also turns up some both duplicate and missing pages such as&nbsp; Grappling &nbsp;where I get the error "No matching pages found for those terms" even though they showed up in the search bar.&nbsp; Overall it feels like there's some crossed wires somewhere attempting to integrate the PHB information alongside the SRD and it's making me regret purchasing the PHB, since the additional benefits are mainly around character creation and a few missing spells. While that's great, I already have an established game with built characters so taking the compendium hit for $20 is not worth it at all. If this was a clear issue that's being worked on already then I apologize, hope it gets fixed soon!
Roll20 Team
Gir F. - Do you mean the Tablet app? Making sure I'm checking in on the right device :) A screenshot would also be helpful! Wunder - I see why that is frustrating! I will figure out a page renaming solution for the splash page issue. I have also escalated the search issue as that is a bug. Thank you!
Gen Kitty
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T.J.H. said (elsewhere): Tried to import Channel Divinity and Destroy Undead from the Compendium to a Cleric character sheet and they were both added as Ritual Casting (Cleric).
Our DM has bought and shared the Compendium with us, however the "creating a character", "Playing the Game", and "the rules of magic" wont share with us. He has it to share but it wont go through. This is the only game he has shared the Compendium in as well.