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Magic damage

Hi  I was hoping someone can help me. I am a noob to d&d and I have a question that is really bugging me and I can't find a clear answer anywhere.  As an example if a druid has a quarterstaff and casts shillelagh, I believe the quarterstaffs damage then becomes magical.  I can't get my head around what this means. I get that if a weapon has some kind of enchantment it can cause damage effects such as poison or radiant. What effect does magic damage cause? A bunch of flowers pop out of the attacked creatures ears?  Thanks in advance

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I'm guessing you understand the change in roll requirements. Making the weapon magical means it can do full damage to creatures who may have resistance to non-magical attacks. It also means creatures resistant to magical items may have less damage dealt. Hope that makes sense.
Thanks Martin That does make sense. I still don't like the vagueness of what magic damage is, ie no definition of an effect, but not to worry Thanks again

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Have a look through the Monster Manual. You will see some creatures have a pretty generic statement like 'Resistance to attacks made by non-magical weapons' or somesuch. This is where the generic magical weapon attack kicks in.
Cheers Martin As a bit of fun I may get my druid to ask the creature being attacked, to pick a card before I hit it with my quarterstaff. Once dispatched, the selected card will magically appear stuck to the creatures forehead Thanks again
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