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(LFG) Brand new to D&D


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Hello, i am brand new to the game, none of my friends are interested so im looking for a group for beginner player. so i can learn how the game is played. im free most nights.not fully made a character yet so could do with some help on that as well. thanks in advance :) a little bit about me- my name is James, im 24 if that matters. only gaming experience i have is with consoles. from England. really excited to learn about and play D&D
i'm free tomorrow (friday 13th) from 6pm - 10pm bst, i can run you through character creation and the basics of playing. if your interested send me a message and we can work out a more accurate time.

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hello James I'm James! next Wednesday at 7:00pm CST I will be hosting a game aimed at newer players, it will be a short one shot adventure that should help teach you more about the game as well as having a fun time! please send me a message for more information!