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little help

How would I make the work so it rolls the attack and only if it hits it rolls the damage? /roll 1d20+@{melee Tab} vs @{target|AC} if roll is higher than target AC @{target|AC} /roll 1d10+@{melee Dam} Otherwise i get the attack that's rolled and the "if roll is higher then AC" and the damage rolled.
I"d love to know that myself, I keep getting damage rolls on attacks that missed.

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Alex L.
Sheet Author
Conditinal Damage rolls would be very simple to set up, you just: listen for the chat event. Parse you command, the user should pass the attack roll, damage roll, and target defense. IE: !mycommand [[1d20+@{melee Tab}]] [[1d10+@{melee Dam}]] @{target|AC} You would then get the results of the rolls from the inlineroll array or by rolling them yourself. Compare the attack roll to the defense if it is a hit you output the damage to chat using sendchat()
huh im not a programmer that is greek to me do you think you could write it up so i could copy and paste :)