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Dynamic Lighting: Player Token sight is about 5x what it should be and 'multiplier' feature seems to have no impact (plus or minus)

I created a token with my best bet at 5e darkvision out to 60 ft but the dark vision extends for closer to 5X that amount. Here are my settings:
Trial and error shows that if I set the light radius to approx 1/4 of whatever I actually want it to be, it ends up pretty close to the goal. For example a light radius of 15/-5 gives a true radius of about 57ft measured with the line tool....
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Can you post your map settings? I have a feeling the problem is likely with your map scale.
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So with those settings, your light should extend for 15 squares (60ft รท 4 ft/square). You are getting light that extends out to 75 squares (15 squares x 5)?
I finally figured it out. I had a torch sitting in a corner with light settings that were affecting all of the player tokens and it was bright enough to lighten the entire map...
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It's always something, isn't it? Glad you got it sorted out. I'll go ahead and summon a mod to close this one.