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Setting default grid color causes new maps to not display grid

Windows 10 and Google Chrome 60.0.3497.100 with Reddit Enhancement Suite and Ublock Origin as addons. I modified the default game settings to default my grid lines to max opacity and the full black grid lines.  After these defaults were set, all new maps created in my game do not display grid lines by default. In order to force them to display, I have to toggle the grid color onto a different color.  If I toggle it back to the game setting default, it will display correctly.
Forum Champion
I have verified this behavior on my end and will alert a developer about this. I do not know if this is a known bug.
Roll20 Team
Hi Justin, This is a known issue with the default settings. I have made sure to add your information to the existing ticket for the devs to investigate further. Sorry for the inconvenience!