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Give us an eraser tool

Score + 108
This is important for those of us who like to draw maps on the fly.
Please. I'd like to be able to at least be able to delete one section on the dynamic lighting layer, instead of deleting the entire object.
This would be a godsend when doing up dynamic lighting.
Yes please!
Ada L.
Marketplace Creator
Sheet Author
API Scripter
The Path Splitter script could be used as a temporary solution to this. It lets you break up drawn lines so you can then delete the parts you don't want. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
This ties nicely into stylus support as well. If I had an eraser (accessible by holding down a specific button or by switching modes) I could bind one of the buttons on my stylus to change to eraser. This would make drawing on my touch screen actually work quite well, rather than just be "possible". As for the eraser itself, Roll20 have said at some points that a photoshop-like raster eraser isn't coming (or at least is hard) because all the drawing is done with vectors. An eraser like those in OneNote for instance would however work quite nicely as a vector-based eraser if Roll20 don't want to change their minds on that particular point. Those erasers work by erasing entire strokes at a time (which Roll20 can already do when you select things) when you pass the eraser over it. Personally, this is even how I am used to drawing now, though having a raster eraser would also be quite nice.
I've been waiting for this year after year. It's not possible* to make maps that use dynamic lighting while only using a Plus subscription. You need to upgrade to Pro to use the Pathsplitter API tool. So what exactly does the Plus level subscription do? Nothing! Unless you're buying premade campaigns or have unlimited time on your hands. Yet making your own maps is exactly what someone on a budget would want to do. *It's possible, in the same way that it is possible to build a skyscraper out of sewing thread.
David M.
API Scripter
True "erasing" isn't really an option for SVG paths, which are represented by a series of discrete pts (vertices) rather than being actually "painted" on the map. For Pro users, I wanted to share a new script I wrote as an alternative or complement to PathSplitter. PathEditor can add, delete, and move pts, split paths (at vertices), open/close paths, and optionally snap pts to grid when moved. I know this doesn't help out Free/Plus folks, but figured I'd mention it here in case someone finds a use for it.&nbsp;
my first macintosh computer in 1986 had a paint program with an eraser tool, roll20 seems to be 40 years behind this tech.
+1 for erasing dynamic lighting like D&amp;D Beyond is setting up
When drawing on the map layer I often touch some little areas with the white colour. So ye, a eraser would be lit!
It's the difference between vector and raster based graphics editors.&nbsp;Vector images are made from smooth shapes and lines. Raster images (like ones created by your paint program) are made out of individual pixels.&nbsp; &nbsp; Even the vector-based tools like AutoCAD and Solidworks that I used to use - which cost thousands of $$$ - didn't have "eraser" tools. Roll20 isn't a paint program; it has to be vector based to allow dynamic lighting to work.&nbsp; Rather than an eraser tool, a way to create gaps or breaks in a polyline like&nbsp; David M. 's Patheditor &nbsp;MOD&nbsp; could be maybe be incorporated in the current drawing tools. Firewinds of the Suns said: my first macintosh computer in 1986 had a paint program with an eraser tool, roll20 seems to be 40 years behind this tech.