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Possibility to fade out music at current position

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With the release of the new Bring Your Own Beat update, this suggestion was marked as complete, as the ability to fade music in and out has been added to Roll20. However, the suggestions from the original thread were only partially implemented since, in its current form, the feature only adds the fading to the beginning/end of the track. Although this is a nice addition, it would be great if the music would also fade out when stopping it halfway through the track. This would make, for example, the transition from combat to ambient music or the other way around much smoother and would improve the experience while using the jukebox further. Spyke  said: Many thanks, but this isn't quite what I proposed. The suggestion here is that these fades would happen  whenever  the track is started or stopped. The purpose is to prevent abrupt cuts to the music or effect when you need to start or stop a track. The current functionality simply adds a fade to the beginning or end of the track itself (which I can do outside of Roll20 when preparing the track). Can the new functionality be extended so that if Fade In or Fade Out is set the fade occurs whenever you click the play or stop button? (i.e. if you stop a track halfway through it would fade out, and if you restart it then it would fade back in.) Edit: Wording

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Absolutely 100% agree. I was so confused when I realised this wasn't the actual purpose of the feature. The entire point of Fading Out was to prevent that sudden abruptness when an event or battle ends. Why we're only allowed to fade a song out when it's already over/fading out naturally is baffling.
I love this idea.  A lot of times I don't need to use a song anymore but it's still in the middle of the song when I want to end it.  A fade out command would stop the abrupt change of the music.
Angry_Rope said: Absolutely 100% agree. I was so confused when I realised this wasn't the actual purpose of the feature. The entire point of Fading Out was to prevent that sudden abruptness when an event or battle ends. Why we're only allowed to fade a song out when it's already over/fading out naturally is baffling. Absolutely agreed. It's useful to be able to fade out at the end, but "stop + fade out" is what would be really useful.
As an aside - there also appears to be fade-in applied automatically to imported audio which wasn't there previously. Unlike the standard fade-in effect, audio clips start at about half volume and increase to full volume after a few seconds, this is problematic when said audio is a short, few seconds long clip thats meant to loop, like a repeating siren. 
This needs done!  I was so excited about the fade feature, but it wasn't really implemented in a way that is useful.

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This post is a little old, but please add this! Music is a really big part of immersion for me, and having to either stall for time while I wait for the track to end or just abruptly cutting it off really spoils the immersion for me. I'd love to be able to fluidly stop clips when the situation no longer calls for them, rather than just stopping it out of nowhere and having it feel like a DJ record scratch.
Lol, I've been manually sliding (more like tapping) the individual track's volume away. A little labor intensive, and kinda choppy. It gets the job done for now,  but it'll be nice if they implement this. I like my tracks like I like my peanut butter! Smooth, not chunky.
Thanks for this suggestion folks, I only just started using music in my games, and thought I was using the fade function wrong. XD Good to know it just wasn't implemented the way I thought it should be. A fade and stop/fade and start button would be extremely useful. Also, if any dev's see this, thanks a ton, this sight has made it so that my friends and I can still play, even when we are stuck at home. :)
Necroing +1
Please add this, should be easy. Abrupt stops ruin immersion. A more advanced bonus feature would be to add a transition play function for tracks and playlists that would crossfade the currently playing tracks out and the new tracks in. For example: right-click play button and choose "Replace current tracks" or just "Replace". This would slowly fade out all the currently playing tracks and simultaneously fade in the replacing tracks. This would allow easy and smooth transitions between tracks and playlists.
+1,000 i have been looking for this for a long time! as a former radio dj, nothing bothers me more than abrupt audio transitions...
+1 this, please, would be incredibly helpful
+1 strongly.

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Victor B.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
For you pro users, you should consider Roll20 Audio Master, an API contributed to Roll20 (not official Roll20).  Import your jukebox and it provides in game chat fade in/fade out functionality.  You don't need to switch tabs over to jukebox in order to fade.  
+1 yes please... just a button that's available on playing tracks that fades out vs the abrupt stop that the X does at present... 
+1 please make this happen :)
Why is this not a thing yet? The functionality is there, just let us use it! +1

Edited 1612811451
+1 for sure, transitioning between tracks without this is jarring enough to avoid using the tool at all and go without ambient sound or music just to avoid that jolt out of immersion.
YES PLEASE!  This would be a huge improvement!
+1 here too, especially now I'm thinking of transitioning between individual characater "themes" on each of their turns in combat!

Edited 1623255927
+1 please add this feature. Music is a big part of the experience

Edited 1635025215
+1 Like how has this gone ignored for so long?
+1 for this and crossfade transitions. 
+1  I was excited to start using music in my games only to find that the lack of a proper fade out function completely ruins it.   This is an absolute must.  Even the volume adjust doesn't support click and drag...  :(
+1 please