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Player Tokens: Allow players to change tokens

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Currently the GM has to do all the work of changing PC tokens or modifying token info (name, etc). Please give the option to GMs to allow players to: change the image used for their token flip/mirror the image used for their token modify the token label/name (separate from the Name slot on the character sheet) (NOTE: this references long character names that are unwieldy as a token label and on the initiative tracker. I don't want to have to lop off my nickname/surname/clan name/etc from my sheet in the name of clutter avoidance.) This GM option should be on a per-character basis, and also configurable via the default settings to apply to all sheets.
Sounds reasonable to meeeeeee
Please, Devs. We'd love to see this.
Bump for visibility. As an addition to the scenarios listed already, this would help out greatly for players of characters who can shapeshifter or otherwise take on different appearances.
As a workaround you can make rollable tokens for players.  I have rollable tokens for my ranger with cloak of the bat so that the image can be changed without moving or modifying the token.  Same for shapeshifter NPC's.
Yes please!
Another useful bit of this would be the ability to change the token size.  It is very annoying as a player to have to ask the GM frequently, "can you make my character large?  I just used my growth ability/spell/power, etc."  
all of the above
I'll also suggest the ability to assign attributes to the different bars issuing the drop-down menus. 
I'll +1 this and Stephen's addition in particular.

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As a player, if you click your token and then the cog, you can edit your token name right there.  I frequently delete mine entirely because I don't want to see it under my token.
While it's true that #3 can be done right now, 1 and 2 are still good reasons to upvote. As well as my suggestion above.
I was just about to post this.  This is something I have been looking for for awhile.
It's just a shame I can't give this a +2
Hooray for not grinding the whole game to a halt when I ask the question "are your characters going to be mounted or unmounted?"
Yes!  it is so weird to me that the GM can edit a certain image field on my character sheet, but I can't.
+1. I hate continually asking my (multiple) DMs to delete my character and assign a newly imported character sheet to me just because I wanted to update my Default Token image. And even just to do that, I had to buy a subscription.