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Greater Compendium Control

Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
There are some scenarios I wish were possible with compendiums: Being able to turn 1 or more of the compendium products off  for a game. When I am making 5e adventures for the marketplace, I am not allowed to use anything outside of the SRD. I purchased the 5e PHB to share with my players, and I am always having to rename things in my games for the marketplace when dragging items from the compendium. Being able to turn off the PHB compendium for a game would make it much easier to not mess that up. Choose which compendiums to share. I would consider getting the 5e Monster Manual if I could turn it off and also ensure that it was not shared with the players in a game. Or some games might have options from Xanathar's but not another expansion book.  Turn off categories of content. Some books have both player options and monsters. I would want to share the player options but not the monsters with the players.
Stephanie B.
KS Backer
I'm upvoting this because it's a feature I'd love to see as well, but want to share a couple of workarounds: When creating your module for the marketplace, you could create the campaign as yourself, turn off compendium sharing, and then add a second, free account that doesn't have any purchases to the game as a GM. Do your campaign setup using that account, then have it leave the game. The game is still owned by your account, but the content would be limited to whatever your free account could access. For sharing the compendium with players, I'd turn on sharing during character creation and when leveling up, and then turn it off once the campaign has started. Note that if your players have purchased the Monster Manual, they will always have access to it, even if you turn off compendium sharing. (I know you know this, Brian, but in case anyone hopping in to upvote it doesn't know.)
Nic B.
Roll20 Production Team
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
I upvoted this too, particularly as more and more third-party content is added to the compendium, there's definitely the requirement to be able to choose which expansions are available for which game.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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