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Separate Loot Sheet with Compendium Compatibility


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I realise this has been suggested in some ways before, and am hoping to refine the concept in the hopes that more people will be interested in this feature. TLDR: Separate inventory/loot sheets distinct from handouts and character sheets to track party loot/ships/inventories/bags of holding/backpacks that can be dropped, etc. and can be edited by multiple players at the same time (like a character sheet) Currently, our groups use handouts to track group treasure before it is divvied by the party. While using handouts is fine for party loot, they have several problems: Only one person can edit at a time It is not compatible with the compendium It takes considerably more time to format inventory slots A whole character sheet as an alternative for an inventory is aesthetically displeasing, not to mention cramped. Separate Inventory/Loot Sheet with Compendium Compatibility I propose a sheet that works in a similar way to the character sheet inventory, with separate sections to represent different containers. In its simplest form, this could be a page that is essentially like the inventory section of a 5e character sheet (although system agnostic would be nice). An area to track various coin denominations (perhaps possibility to name the currencies for system agnostic approach) An area to track items that do not have a counted weight (i.e. in a dimensional space, such as a portable hole, handy haversack or bag of holding); this could also be solved with an additional column to count weight but not against the overall weight Compatible with the compendium (would be good to drag and drop as per the regular 5e inventory) Tracks weight based on the weight column Can be edited/viewed by multiple players at once. Bonus round: These would be good to have features, but not necessary required features: Value column which adds up the value to let you know how much the total gear is worth. Functionality to increase coin/currency amounts by an amount, similar to token hit points Separate areas to track magic items, plot items, gems and art objects, mundane items and consumables.
Can be dragged into a character's inventory, and will appear to be named / have weight set as per the container sheet name / total weight?
I meant more in the sense that items could be added to it drag and drop style. But maybe that functionality would work if adding some sort of link? Also, as a secondary thought, what if they made handouts so that they recognised certain tags, i.e. you have a tag "Weight:5", and if you drag and drop that handout onto an inventory, it works as a compendium item?
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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