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Turn Order Broken - today with update

Adding PCs and NPCs to turn order works as intended although adding Custom Items, like buff effects etc does not work. Addition custom made turn order adding is broken even with -1 turn duration. Thank you for pleasure of being able to use your services, i look forwad to a fix soon! Kerox
Hello, I have the same problem. I thought it was a script problem and I made a Rollback. Unfortunately, I can't go back over all the work I did in one day. :( It pissed me off so much to lose all the work of an all-nighter. So I find myself in the middle of a session having to stop at the Climax because the Order window no longer displays anything. I hope that the problem will be fixed very quickly, the problems and bugs that are coming on Roll20 these days are really delaying me.
I can confirm that the turn order appears to be inoperable.
A quick fix to get it working, open tracker options and clear turn tracker from there, however don't add custom items as that seems to be what is causing the issue.
It also broke animated tokens- The tokens are converted to static images.

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Yep can't add any custom items any more, and also can't even add tokens sometimes. Sigh. Edit: Also I can't seem to even assign numbers to tokens. The text fields get stuck in edit mode so the values don't ever change. At this point it's hard to not feel like every update is going to somehow break long standing features. Bleh.
Yes, i also try to put with macro and manually and doesn't work :( 
Roll20 Team
Hi everyone, Thank you for reporting this issue, we were able to reproduce it on our end and a ticket has been submitted to investigate the cause and scope of the problem. Sorry for the trouble while we resolve this!
Thank you (I too can confirm I have this issue)
Any word on when this issue should be fixed? Thanks.
I haven't seen anything that would say it's fixed but it seems to be working again in my games. Of course the proof will be when I run my game on Thursday. 
Hoping to be usufull: the turn order was broken for us tonight as well. I think the issue was cause when I added a custom item (Escalation Die for 13th age). I tried to clear the turn order but from that moment on I couldn't see anything anymore. Awkwardly only one of the player (out of 4) was able to see the turn order working. 
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I also had issues with the turn tracker tonight, definitely as a result of a custom item (round counter). When I cleared the list, reloaded the page and populated again without the round counter I had no more issues.
PLEASE, bring back custom items in the turn order. Tracking buffs on the turn order is intuitive and very helpful. Please bring back this feature. Playing without is not as fun and more burdensome on the game.