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A browsing friendly compendium, that is actually a compendium

Score + 7
Currently it seems like all of the content in the out-of-game compendium has to be browsed as separate books. This sounds not like a compendium, but rather the opposite - a dispersium or something. Please can we have something for races, classes, magic items etc that is basically similar to the monster / spell browsing list, where all of the races (and classes, magic items etc) from the books you've bought are easily accessible in one list. This functionality should already be in place, and I am frankly shocked that it's not, but I've been told by helpful folk that unfortunately you have to browse each book individually (which seems like the height of lunacy to me, especially in this age of marvellous technology and wondrous inventions)
Yes please, roll20 should maybe take a look at their competitors for inspiration. The ONLY thing that the biggest competitor is missing would be a VTT and that is in the works.