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[LFG] European player.

Good day ladies and gentlemen, I am looking for a group for a longer time. I am not that experienced with Roleplaying as most people but it comes down to someone's imagination and bringing it to life. I do hope I can bring my character to life :D A little about myself. My name is Ricardo and in the past I played Exalted RPG for over a year (every 1/2 weeks a session of over 5 hours) and that was my first experience with pen and paper roleplaying. I loved every bit of it. I tried D&D but the GM killed me off in the first session and made fun of me. So I had a bad experience with that. Last year (girl-)friends of mine and I played Star Wars Edge of the Empire for 30 sessions. Somehow it just fell apart but I loved it as well. Roling the dice and getting my character to live through the words I use were great! Ohh and before I forget I did a sessions with friends on a pen and paper roleplay game named Maid RPG. That was hilarious as hell. I am looking for a group for a long run. As I am European (GMT +01:00) I do prefer the evening times from Tuesday ~ Friday. But if needed I can also play in the morning/afternoon. I do not care what system is used, I will try to learn it and get the books if needed. Will learn the lore a bit and see what character I wish to play. I also look to see where I can be of help in a group, I am no solo player. Got a camera, microphone and headset if needed. I am new to Roll20 and I thought this was the best way to start looking for a group. If you wish to know more feel free to ask or DM me. Hope for many enjoyable hours, _d
Are your days stuck to Tuesday-Friday or are you able for Sundays by any chance?
I am very flexible on weekends as well. I just sometimes go to an Airsoft event on Sundays. But that is only once every 2/3 months. On Monday evenings I have boxing so that wont do. But on Mondays I can play in the morning/afternoon.