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Macro to reference the d20 value rolled within the description text

Hi all,  I am looking to make a note of my attack roll without the proficiency modifiers added to it within the description line.  I have an ability (kinda like sharpshooter) but i can choose to use it after the roll, but before i know if the attack is successful. When i use it, i have to roll without proficiency, but of course, i have already rolled, and i could do the maths.... but i would really like it to be there for me!  so i was looking for something like [[r1-pb|r2-pb]] to reference the value rolled into the text without the proficiency bonus but i can seem to call the value get the name of the variable right, the aim is to output the below under the attack rolls             24                22 Rolled 18|16 with Two-Weapon Master does anyone know how to reference the total rolled so i can subtract, or the value rolled on the D20 so i can add to it?  Thanks 

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Andrew R.
Sheet Author
Use the PowerCards API script. You can't do it in regular macros.
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An API script of course, would require a Pro level subscription on the part of the game creator.
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Dean, unfortunately this isn't possible with basic macros. You cant use the same roll twice. The only way to do this would be to list a modifier after the attack, so you can do the manual calculation.  You can do this with the API, but your GM would need to be a Pro subscriber feature, and install the script needed.
Thanks for taking the time to reply, it looks like mental maths for me.  This was definitely a have rather than need thing.  Cheers