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[LFG][D&D 5E][Sundays 6pm EST] New-ish Player Looking For a Group

I have played a campaign in Pathfinder that lasted for about a year, but that was 5 or so years ago. I haven't played any TRPGs since then so I am kinda rusty. I'm a pretty shy and quite person but I want to try to get out of my shell and make some new friends. Enjoy some good games with cool people! I would prefer to start with a session zero so we can make our characters together and discuss details about the campaign and how the GM runs things. I am also completely new to Roll20 and would appreciate some help with using this site. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 
What timezone are you in?
My timezone is EST/ the east coast of the US.
I would be down for this. I'm completely new to the site so i don't really know how to use it yet but would love to get a campaign going and the time zone works great for me as i'm Central!
Still looking to get a group together if anyone is interested.