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Paizo API Bug Thread February 2020


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Roll20 Team
Hello everyone, As some of you already reported, there have been some recent issues with the Paizo Sync feature, which allows you to grab a PDF copy from Paizo after purchase from Roll20, or a discount on the corresponding Roll20 item after purchasing from Paizo. More information regarding this feature can be found on our Help Center .&nbsp; After further investigation, we have found that these issues seem to stem from a problem with the Paizo API, which allows for the synchronization between our two sites. We are actively working with Paizo to get this resolved as soon as we can. However, so we can best provide data and information to Paizo, we would ask that anyone who is experiencing the problem please send us an email to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> with the below “Paizo Sync Issue Template” included and filled out.&nbsp; Thank you all for your patience as we work to get you back to gaming as normal! Paizo Sync Issue Template Please do not respond to this thread with the information below-- this is meant strictly for email! Roll20 Account Email Address:&nbsp; Paizo Account Email Address: Are you unable to access ANY discounts, or are you having issues with specific products? If the latter-- what product(s) that are not syncing and their purchase origin ( or
Not sure if this is the place for this, but is there any update? I'm wanting to purchase the Against the Aeon Throne Book 1 here, and I already own the PDF on (I've also sent the e-mail already).&nbsp;&nbsp; Should I wait to make the purchase for this to be fixed, or can I go ahead and make the purchase now and resolve the discount later? (I can get proof that I've owned the PDF well before the Roll20 purchase date).&nbsp;
Roll20 Team
Hi Harrowed Wizard, Thanks for checking in and apologies for the ongoing issues! No update as of yet-- we are still working with Paizo to get this resolved. To ensure you receive the proper amount for a discount, we would recommend that you hold off for a bit longer.&nbsp;
Hi - any update on this yet? It's been a month since the last post above. With Coronavirus / fewer groups meeting face to face, having this fixed would be a great way for Roll20 to serve the community and increase its fan base.

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I noticed there's now a discount on Paizo products here just for having my accounts synced, even ones I don't own as a PDF. Is this in place of the discount for owning the PDF of a given product? Or if I were to purchase, for example, RotR—It Came From Hollow Mountain as a PDF on Paizo, would I get a larger discount on the Roll20 Marketplace version? And if so, how much of a discount would that be?