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Charactermancer multi-class bug?

Hello! I may have noticed a bug when multiclassing, but I could be mistaken. When multiclassing from Divine sorcerer to a Divine Sorcerer/Hexblade warlock, at level 1 it says I should have 9 total cantrips. for ****s and giggles I decided to create a new Warlock and multiclass into Sorcerer, and this time it said I should have 11 cantrips. So I'm guessing there is a bug here related to multiclassing, unless I'm missing something?
Yep, the charactermancer struggles with multiclassing and spells in a few different ways. I got 9 cantrips for a Druid/Barbarian multi, a little baffling since the Barbarian shouldn't even be adding any. You might also find the charactermancer spell list goes a bit awry as you level up - you may need to skip them and do them manually outside the charactermancer.
Correct, there is a bug all around on the multi - you will have to "adjust" for it.