Hello there! Updated Dynamic Lighting A hotfix to prevent new unwanted permanent black areas occurring on pages after an update on December 22nd - has gone out. This will not affect games currently experiencing this issue. Please use Reset Permanent Darkness from the tools in the top left of the game area to clear this problem from your existing games. If you are still seeing this issue after using the tool, please submit a request to our help desk ! __________ Looking for entertainment while you finish up your shopping, bake your cookies, or eat your leftovers? Come celebrate Rollvember with us! We’re streaming our way through the end of the year while you sit back, relax, and celebrate the very real and not-at-all made-up 13th month of the year. Support us in raising money for  Code2040 ’s initiative to break down racial barriers in tech. We’ll be matching donations  dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000 .  We've got a pretty packed schedule over the next week with streams from Deborah Ann Woll, Mike Pondsmith, Mike Udall, and of course, some of your favorite regular Roll20 streamers! You can view the full schedule of attendees and shows by reading our latest blog post .